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Suwon Samsung challenges unfortunate promotion

Many wondered which leader would take charge of the shipwreck after Suwon suffered a second-tier relegation early last month. Amid the silence, he delivered the appointment of Yeom Ki-hoon as the coach with little time left before winter training.

Suwon Samsung said, "As a condition for the new coach, we have decided to overcome the sense of defeat, present and carry out new goals, promote team reform without confusion, prevent major players from leaving, and implement the club's long-term development plan."

"We expect coach Yeom, who is well aware of the team's problems and has the will and ability to solve them, to contribute to solving the current problems and normalizing the team," he said. "We plan to complete the restructuring of the team as well as establishing a new division with full authority over the appointment of coaching and support staff."

Yeom's contract period is two years until 2025.

OSEN sent an exclusive article on Dec. 19 last year on the appointment of Yeom Ki-hoon as manager of Suwon Samsung. It was "delegation" Suwon Samsung, "legend" Yeom Ki-hoon and "legend" Yeom Ki-hoon who tried to be promoted to the second tier of the K-League (exclusive).

However, the belated press release contains uncomfortable content.

"Park Kyung-hoon, the team's general manager, has chosen Yeom as the right person to overcome the biggest crisis since its foundation and bring the team back to the K-League 1 again," Suwon Samsung said. The team has decided after selecting multiple candidates.

Park was abruptly appointed as the team's general manager. He met with club officials on Wednesday. After being appointed on Friday, he contacted working-level officials on Wednesday, and it is absurd that the team selected multiple candidates. It is possible if the team is short and bold, but chances are low that the team that wants to be promoted made such a decision.

I have informed myself that Park's appointment as the general manager took place suddenly. Regarding the rumor of the appointment of the head of Suwon Samsung, he said it was not true. However, news of the appointment was suddenly reported.

Suwon Samsung had already selected Yeom Ki-hoon as its new coach. The reason was clear. This is because not only the club with a strong will to promote but also the team had a strong belief in Yeom Ki-hoon.

Of course, Yeom Ki-hoon failed to prevent Suwon Samsung from being demoted to the K-League 2 last season. However, he led the team to the end so that the team could stage a struggle for survival.

When Suwon Samsung did not explain its appointment as a coach, various unconfirmed rumors emerged. The rumors were also considered true.

In addition, many fans expressed dissatisfaction with the possibility of getting promoted to the coach because Yeom was on the scene of relegation. In particular, he concluded that it would be difficult to get promoted to Real Blue, which Suwon Samsung is pursuing.

Yeom did not make his debut with Suwon Samsung, but he is recognized as a legend of the team. He joined Suwon Samsung ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Although he was injured at the time, Suwon Samsung recruited Yeom Ki-hoon as scheduled, and he played for the team for 15 years.

Notably, Yeom has become a "living legend" for Suwon Samsung, refusing to be tempted to play in the Middle East. He has various records with Suwon Samsung, including most appearances (416 games), most scores (71 goals) and most assists (121 goals), as well as most captains in Suwon (seven seasons) and the first captain in four consecutive years (2014-2017).

Head coach Yeom Ki-hoon was evaluated not only for his excellent soccer skills, but also for his players' followings and his personality inside and outside the club.

As a result, Suwon Samsung failed to show faith in Yeom Ki-hoon even after completing the process. Of course, the team is expected to change its leadership due to the relegation, and nominally, it may be the team's principle to appoint a new representative.

However, denying the process at a time when the team had to quickly reorganize itself created a reason why fans who shed tears while watching the relegation had no choice but to deny their sincerity again. Suwon Samsung should provide strong trust and active support to its coach Yeom Ki-hoon if they really want to be promoted next season. It is not just money but all support. That is the best for the team.
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