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World Class is 'Old Thing'

Now it's coming down from the world class.

"Thiago Alcantara has more missed games due to injury than he played in Liverpool," the soccer media "Transfer Market" said on the 6th. According to the media, Thiago played 97 games in Liverpool, with 100 missing games due to injuries.

Thiago was once a world-class midfielder in name and reality. As a former FC Barcelona youth, Thiago boasts dazzling dribbling skills and personal skills. He is also a player who is good at breaking down the opponent's space with sensible de-pressing ability and penetrating passes that catch the opponent off guard.

Thiago moved to Bayern Munich in 2013 and won many trophies. He won the German Bundesliga seven times and was crowned the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2019-20 season. Thiago left Munich in 2020 and chose a new challenge for Liverpool.

Since joining Liverpool, Thiago has been loved by Liverpool fans, showing off his class. However, Thiago has a fatal disadvantage for a long time. It means that he gets injured too often.

Thiago is well-known as the so-called 'free-body' midfielder. He had many injuries during his time at Munich, but he kept his performance steady. Recently, however, the situation has become so serious. Thiago has had a total of nine injuries in about three and a half years since joining Liverpool. And he has not been seen for a long time since his last injury.

Thiago last played in Liverpool's uniform against West Ham United in the 33rd round of the Premier League in April last year. Since then, Thiago has not been seen. Due to the serious injury, he failed to transfer in the summer. At the time, Saudi Arabian clubs and others showed interest, but Thiago's transfer was ultimately canceled.
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Sunday, January 7, 2024

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