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3H signs main sponsorship contract with Jang Hana and Jeon Woori

Professional golfers Jang Hana and Jeon Woori have found a new main sponsor.

Sports management company WP Sportainment announced on January 5, “3H has signed a sponsorship contract with Jang Ha-na and Jeon Woo-ri.”

They signed a contract at the sponsorship signing ceremony held at 3H Daegu headquarters on the 4th. 3H plans to sponsor Jang Ha-na and Jeon Woo-ri for two years from this year until 2025. Both players toured without a main sponsor last year, but found reliable support this year.

Jang Ha-na is a veteran who has won 14 KLPGA Tour wins and a total of 5 LPGA Tour wins since her debut in 2010. Although he has recently been in a slump that does not live up to his reputation, he is aiming for a comeback with a firm determination, “I will not retire before I win one more championship.”

Woori Jeon, who debuted on the KLPGA tour in 2017, has been consistently active on the regular tour since then. He only ranked 75th in prize money last season, but he ranked 7th in the final round of the regular tour seed rankings and will travel through the first division tour again this year.

3H CEO Jeong Young-jae said, “We are happy to be able to sponsor professionals Jang Ha-na and Jeon Woo-ri, who are showing great performances in the KLPGA,” and added, “We will not spare any support to improve the players’ performance in the future.”
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Saturday, January 6, 2024
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