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From Kim Min-seok to Jeon Mir, Lotte Giants Sajik idols and fans

Coach Kim Tae-hyung promised through a video greeting, “We welcome the fans who came to the fan meeting and thank them for the love they gave us even before the manager was confirmed. We will definitely show you fall baseball next season.”

With the players' appearance, fans enjoyed a full-fledged Sajik Entertainment Center.

Starting with rookie Jeon Mir's first pitch, fans cheered the video of the 'Fan PICK 2023 Best Moment' chosen by fans.

Donghee Yoon immediately received recommendations from fans saying they wanted to change his appearance music, and chose Psy's Champion.

He received cheers from fans when he revealed the charms of Kim Min-seok's dog 'Milky' as "He likes to walk, doesn't bark, and feels good when he sleeps with me."

Choi Jun-yong's 'Sajik Entertainment Center' with fans began in earnest with 'Eating snacks without using hands', and Son Seong-bin and Yoon Dong-hee, contrary to concerns, recorded 15.78 seconds in 'Holding toilet paper for a long time'.

In the 'Callback Challenge', Seung-Hyeon Jin roared louder than at the baseball stadium when he first received a call from Sang-Soo Kim, a senior in the pitching team. Kim Sang-soo expressed his gratitude to the fans over the phone and expressed his determination to "work hard to win next year for the first time in 32 years." The disappointing second place went to Dong-hee Yoon, who called Dong-hee Han.

Kim Min-seok, who participated in the 'Song Title Quiz', was embarrassed when he heard a song he didn't know, and in 'Say it with your body', Kim Min-seok gave his whole body to his acting and made fans laugh.

Shim Jae-min and Lee Jeong-hoon, who came in last place at Sajik Entertainment Center, posed for fans in a cute and lively photo with the '4 cuts in life' pose, turning fans into photographers.

The players took a commemorative photo with the fans one last time and concluded the ‘Sajik Entertainment Center’ with an autograph session.
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Friday, January 5, 2024
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