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Kim Ki-Dong's 'sincere words' to Ki, who is 'contemplating renew

Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong (51), who has an easy-going personality, did not say anything back.

They publicly announced that they want to renew the contract with veteran midfielder Ki Sung-yong (34), who became a free agent at the end of last year.

In response to a related question at the inauguration press conference held in the press conference room at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 3rd, he said, "I was overseas so I couldn't meet him, and we talked on the phone for a long time." He added, "Seoul is Ki Sung-yong, and Ki Sung-yong is Seoul. Why don't we sign a contract quickly and play good soccer together?" “I asked,” he said.

The saying ‘Seoul is Ki Sung-yong, and Ki Sung-yong is Seoul’ is an expression that well captures the symbolism of Ki Sung-yong, the ‘Seoul Living Legend’. It must be every leader's dream to accompany a midfielder from the national team and Premier League.

Director Kim said, "I felt that Ki Sung-yong is a friend who has a lot of affection for Seoul. I hope he will make a good choice," and hoped to sign a new contract as soon as possible.

Coach Kim, who said that Seoul had a difficult time due to the presence of Ki Sung-yong, who had the ability to relieve pressure and pass during his time as Pohang's head coach, said, "Now, I am on the same team as Ki Sung-yong. I expect (the ball) will go from the goalkeeper to the front with ease." “I do it,” he said.

After completing the 2023 season, Seoul presented Ki Sung-yong with a willingness to accompany him and the conditions for a contract renewal and is waiting for Ki Sung-yueng's answer.

Ki Sung-yueng is said to have recently returned to Korea after spending a long time studying soccer and traveling in Europe. Will Ki Sung-yueng, who expressed concerns about his future at the end of last season, respond to coach Kim Ki-dong's request for a contract renewal?
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Wednesday, January 3, 2024
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