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Exploring the Mysterious Coral Creek

Exploring the Mysterious Coral Creek at L.K. Studios New Oxygen Releases

Ready to be the first person to step onto the ridges of the mysterious Corral Creek? The colony lasted more than a thousand years and was untouched during that time.

The environment and residents grew on their own, allowing various hybrids to grow. Among the hybrids, there are other characteristics of highly sensitive volatility. They can explode with a touch, and now you're here to mess up the environment of these strange colonies.

ELK Studios new releases:

Oxygen, the launch of the new Elk Studio, is deployed across 6x7 reels and offers a variety of thrilling features, including multipliers, symbol conversion, and wilds, as well as fantastic bonus games and super bonus games.

The game's maximum winning potential is huge. Players can get up to 25.000 times the base bet.

Once the three bonus symbols land on the reel, players get a chance to enjoy a fantastic free-drop bonus game and earn a fantastic prize. All values of multipliers remain sticky on the reel during the entire bonus game. If the three bonus symbols land along one continuous multiplier symbol, the Super Bonus feature is triggered.

Oxygen bubbles can create clusters that can lead to great victories, and if each victory is part of the winning sign, it can double the value of the multiplier.

The Collector function helps collect all the multipliers on the board and can remain on the reel.

If the dealer function is unlocked, all multiplier values placed in the radar direction will be further multiplied and this symbol may also be permanent.

If the X-Blaster Wild lands, you can import a random payment symbol or even a Wild that can replace any X-shaped payment symbol.

Exploding Wild removes the X-shaped payment symbol located above and below the symbol.

Popular Mechanics:

The game also features Mechanics X-itters from the popular ELK Studios. Mechanics introduce five game modes. They can buy at least three times as much as a bet, which increases the likelihood of triggering a bonus round at least three times as much. Super bonus rounds can offer players up to 500 times as much bets, along with a consistent multiplier sign.

The game has an RTP of 94%, and its variability is 7 out of 10. The game is recommended to play on your desktop browser with a 1600×900 resolution and a 16:9 ratio.
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Monday, January 1, 2024
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