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"Ratcliffe's first thing to do"

The new owner of Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL) has officially appeared.

Jim Ratcliffe from the U.K. has successfully acquired a 25 percent stake in Manchester United. Manchester United announced on its website on the 25th that Ratcliffe, chairman of INEOS Group, acquired a 25 percent stake in Class B owned by the Glazer family. The amount is worth 1.2 billion pounds (1.986 trillion won), and it has also agreed with the Glazer family to purchase 25 percent of Class A shares in the future.

It is expected to take about eight weeks to approve the EPL secretariat. After approval, Ratcliffe himself runs Manchester United. He will become the new owner who oversees the academy, including men's and women's soccer teams.

Manchester United fans have high expectations for Ratcliffe. The vicious Glazer family stepped down from the front line and welcomed Ratcliffe, who promised to invest heavily in Manchester United. And one of the reasons for Ratcliffe's fierce hospitality has to do with the dismissal of Erik ten Haach.

In the meantime, there have been numerous reports that Ratcliffe will be replaced if he has the right to operate the club. Manchester United fans also expressed high expectations for Ratcliffe's "axe."

Manchester United knelt down 0-2 in a match against West Ham in the 18th round of the EPL 2023-24 season at the London Stadium in London, the U.K. on the 23rd. It only showed its lethargy from start to finish. The defeat left Manchester United with 28 points and dropped to eighth place in the league. Manchester United fans were furious and outraged.

Then, Manchester United fans did not hide their expectations for Ratcliffe's axe. At the time, the acquisition of Ratcliffe's stake was not officially announced, but it was a given to Manchester United fans. Expectations exploded that Ratcliffe was the only person who could get rid of Ten Haq's lethargy. England's Football Insider introduced the anger of Manchester United fans.

"Once Ratcliffe is acquired, he will make changes including the team's executives," the media reported. It could also make Ten Ha-ch's position vulnerable. As a result, Manchester United fans are expecting him to be replaced. Manchester United fans' patience has plummeted.

Indeed, Manchester United fans have expressed such violent expressions as "Sir Ratcliffe's first job at Manchester United is to replace Ten Haq," "Ten Haq is a fraud. We need to replace Ten Haq now," "Ratcliffe hasten to replace Ten Haq," and "The wait for Ten Haq will end in vain. It is not too late. You have done enough. It is enough. It is time to dismiss him."
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Monday, January 1, 2024
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