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The European Super League Won The Trial

The European Super League (ESL) won the trial, but there have been a series of opposition statements from several European clubs.

The European Court of Justice said on Monday, "We must support transparent, objective, non-discriminatory and proportionate things, but UEFA and FIFA are abusing their dominant authority. We must consider the arbitrary nature of several clubs and not restrict their freedom. Of course, this does not mean that the Super League should be approved unconditionally," officially announcing that it is illegal for UEFA and FIFA to block clubs from participating in the Super League.

As a result, the authority to prevent ESL was removed and a situation was created where the competition could be created freely.

However, many European clubs have made official statements against joining the ESL. Manchester United was the first team to make an official announcement in the English Premier League.

Manchester United officially announced, "Our position remains unchanged. We are committed to positively cooperating with UEFA, Premier League, and fellow clubs through the European Clubs Association (ECA) for participation in UEFA competitions and the continued development of European football."

The EPL secretariat also expressed its opposition, saying, "This ruling is a very important ruling, and we will now fully examine its impact on the league. We still deny the Super League and have consistently expressed our opposition to the competition to cut off domestic and European leagues."

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) of French Ligue 1 announced, "PSG completely rejects any plans for the so-called Super League, which has been and will remain the same since the beginning of the club's establishment. As a proud European club, PSG supports the principles of the European sports model, the value of open competition and inclusion, and will work with all stakeholders in European soccer, especially fans and players who are at the heart of soccer."

Inter Milan of Italian Serie A also announced, "Inter reaffirms its belief that the future of European football can only be guaranteed through cooperation between ECA clubs and partnerships with UEFA and FIFA. We are firmly based on values that specify the European sports model and we commit to working with all clubs belonging to the ECA to uphold those values."

In addition, several clubs, including Bayer 04 Leverkusen in the German Bundesliga and Real Sociedad in the Spanish Primera Liga, have issued statements against the ESL.
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Friday, December 22, 2023
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