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Seung-yeop Lee and Dong-yeol Seon were on the verge of breaking

Choi Jeong (36, SSG), who performed poorly in the first and second games of the semi-playoff against NC, redeemed his pride in the third game. He turned the game around at once by hitting a home run to left field against NC starter Tanner Turley with the bases loaded and two outs in the second inning when the team was down 1-3. It was a hit that he could immediately tell was a home run the moment it was hit.

SSG, who had not been able to take the lead even for a moment in the first and second games, was able to take the lead for the first time in the series thanks to Choi Jeong's grand slam. Of course, as everyone knows, that lead didn't last long. SSG ended up losing 6-7 and became the victim of a shocking 'sweep upset'. However, this one home run had considerable significance in the KBO League postseason.

Before today's game, Jeong Choi had recorded 39 RBIs in the KBO postseason. And first place was Hong Seong-heun's 42 RBI. With one home run, he added 4 RBIs at once and changed the KBO League's fall division with 43 RBIs. On the other hand, this was Choi Jeong's 13th home run in the postseason in his career, and also his first grand slam home run in the postseason. Now, based on the regular season and postseason, only Lee Seung-yeop (14 postseason) is ranked first in home runs above Choi Jeong.

In fact, there were many expectations that he would surpass Lee Seung-yeop in the home run category and Hong Seong-heun in the RBI category and rise to first place. SSG qualified for third place in the regular season and went to the semi-playoffs. They started the series at an advantage over 4th place NC. Even if they made it to the playoffs, they could play up to 10 games. Considering Choi Jeong's ability, it seemed quite possible to add two more home runs and four more RBIs in this schedule. However, as the fall ended with just three games, breaking the home run record was postponed until later.

SSG has another player like this. This is Kim Gwang-hyeon (35), the mound’s ace. Gwang-Hyun Kim pitched 91⅓ innings and recorded 97 strikeouts in 22 postseason games. The leader in strikeouts in postseason history is the legendary Seon Dong-yeol. Sun Dong-yeol, who also had a lot of experience in big games in his career, was recording 103 strikeouts in the postseason. It seemed like he could easily fill the remaining six spots with just two appearances.

However, Kim Gwang-hyun only had one strikeout in the second game. He ended up losing the game by allowing 4 runs in 3 innings. And with the series ending early, all opportunities to regain honor and build records were lost.

Of course, both players are still active. These players are in their mid-30s. Although they are not young, they are classified as players who can play for another 3-4 years. However, the postseason is different from the regular season. All 10 teams compete in the regular season, but only teams selected among those 10 teams can participate in the postseason. Players who have impressive regular season performance but poor postseason experience usually have played for a long period of time on low-ranking teams.

On the contrary, Kim Gwang-hyun and Choi Jeong achieved numerous postseason advancement experiences through their own efforts and by collaborating with their teammates. However, it is not possible to create a team that ranks higher than 5th, which is the right to advance to the postseason, on its own. In the end, your colleagues must be strong. SSG, which is criticized for its slow generational change, is a team that cannot be guaranteed a top 5 finish next year, as seen in this year's last race. With stronger colleagues, attention is being paid to whether we can change the history of fall again next year.
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