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'Super Crack' Willian

Willian, who made his first debut to domestic fans at Gwangju FC in 2019, showed a steady performance, scoring 37 points and 12 assists in 96 games until the 2022 season through the match against Gyeongnam FC.

Willian joined FC Seoul on the condition of a complete transfer after loan in the 2023 season and played an important role as an advance guard and key player in the team's attack, playing both sides of the road, including eight goals and two assists in 33 games. In particular, the dramatic equalizer scored in the match against Ulsan on August 27 showed his unique finishing ability. Willian's talent to break down the opponent's defense with rhythmic personal skills and creative movements is considered his best strength.

With Willian's complete transfer, FC Seoul will be able to maintain its powerful offense, which tied for the top scorer in the 2023 season, next season. Above all, it is expected that Kim Ki-dong, the best resourceful player in the K-League and an excellent ability to maximize the strengths of players, will bring new synergy to FC Seoul's offense through a "super crack" called Willian.

Willian said, "I wanted to be with FC Seoul, but I'm glad I can continue to be with you. Not only me but also my family have loved me a lot, so FC Seoul always feels like home. I know the role I have to play in FC Seoul and I want to be with them for a long time. I'll be responsible and repay you with a good performance."

Meanwhile, Willian, who is returning to his home country and resting after the end of the season, is scheduled to return to Korea in time for the team's call-up date early next year.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2023
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