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Jo Su-ah, born in 2003

On the 18th, he scored 12 points, including a three-point shot in the final of the KB match, and recovered a 50% winning rate of Samsung Life Insurance

Samsung Life Insurance won a thrilling come-from-behind victory against the joint leading KB in its home turf.

Samsung Life Bloomings, led by head coach Lim Geun-bae, won a come-from-behind victory with 67-59 in a home game against KB Stars in the third round of Woori Bank's Woori WON Women's Professional Basketball held at Yongin Indoor Stadium on the 18th. Samsung Life, which had been leading 35-23 until the second quarter, allowed a 49-54 turnaround in the fourth quarter due to KB's counterattack in the second half, but turned the game around again after Park Ji-soo's exit from the 5th violation, overpowered KB by 8 points, and recovered a 50% win rate and widened the gap with fourth-place Hana One Q to 1.5 games (6 wins and 6 losses).

Samsung Life Insurance's point guard Shin Yi-seul showed good performance with 15 points, three rebounds, four assists, and two steals, while shooter Kang Yoo-rim also had 13 points, three rebounds, and two assists and one block shot. However, Lee was at the center of Samsung Life's thrilling come-from-behind victory. In the fourth quarter alone, Samsung Life Insurance's "game changer" Jo Su-ah, who showed an altoran-like performance in offense and defense with 12 points, six rebounds, and three steals and one block shot, is the main character.

Side effects of position overlap shown by KB

All group ball sports are similar, but overlapping positions in basketball are not very helpful to the team's power. In basketball, each position has a role to play on the spot, but if several players with similar play styles in the same position enter the court at the same time, the movement will inevitably overlap, which will eventually negatively affect the team's performance. The representative team that suffered a big loss due to overlapping positions in the WKBL was KB in the mid-2000s.

KB, which won three championships with Cho Moon-joo, Lee Kang-hee and Park Hyun-sook during the basketball festival, has never won the championship since the launch of the professional league. KB's highest performance since the launch of the professional was the runner-up in the 2002 winter league, when Kim Ji-yoon and foreign player Sherton Brown played a one-two punch. In response, KB recruited "basket queen" Jeong Seon-min, who returned to Korea after the WNBA challenge in 2004, and Kwak Joo-young, who led the victory of Kumho Life Red Wings in the 2004 winter league, in 2005.

With the addition of Jeong Seon-min and Kwak Joo-young, KB succeeded in forming the "Big Three Indigenous Peoples" with the existing Shin Jeong-ja. The problem was that all three players were power forwards or players at center positions who are more familiar with under-the-basket-shot play rather than outlying areas. Even so, it was a waste of power to bench one of the big three players who struggled to form. In response, KB came up with a unique player lineup that transforms Kwak Joo-young, who was 183-centimeter-tall when he was playing outside shots during his time at Kumho Life, into a shooting guard.

However, the result was not very good. As foreign player Maria Stefanova of the 203-centimeter tall center joined the team in the summer league in 2006, four out of five players in the team formed a "big lineup" of players taller than 180 centimeters in height, but unfortunately, their positions were not balanced. Most of all, Stefanova dominated the basket with 24.3 points, 18.3 rebounds and 4.1 blocks, forcing the rest of the players to scramble around the perimeter.

Ultimately, KB failed to win the championship after losing to Samsung Life Insurance with two wins and three losses in the 2006 Summer League championship, and KB's big lineup was disbanded shortly after Jung Sun-min moved to Shinhan Bank's Sbird and Shin Jung-ja moved to Kumho Life Insurance in 2006. KB's failure in the big lineup left a lesson that "no matter how talented you are, if many players flock to a certain position, you will not be able to achieve good results." About 10 years later, however, overlapping positions began to take place again in Samsung Life Insurance.

Prospects to expand their presence in 'guard rich' Samsung Life Insurance

After the 2015-2016 season, Samsung Life Insurance, which retired as an outstanding guard named Lee Mi-sun (a coach of Samsung Life Insurance), who won three assists and five championships against the champion, has been eager to collect guards through the rookie draft. In the 2015-2016 season, Samsung selected Yoon Ye-bin, the tall guard of Onyang Girls' High School, as the No. 1 overall pick, and in the 2016-2017 season rookie draft, which missed out on Park Ji-soo, the team prepared for its future by selecting Lee Ju-yeon of Inseong Girls' High School. However, this was just the beginning of Samsung Life's "guard collection."

In the 2017-2018 rookie draft, Samsung Life also nominated Hwang Mi-woo (Shinhan Bank manager), a Korean-Japanese guard, and Shin Yi-seul, a point guard at Onyang Girls' High School, in the 2018-2019 season. Samsung Life Insurance, which has become saturated with promising players in the guard position, also selected Onyang Girls' High School guard Jo Su-ah as the second overall pick in the 2020-2021 rookie draft. With Yoon Ye-bin and Lee Ju-yeon already positioned as key players, even Jo Su-ah's selection was inevitably seen as a "position overlap."

However, Jo is gradually expanding her position in the Samsung Life Guard lineup, which became more saturated last season with the addition of mixed-race player Kiana Smith from the WNBA. Of course, there was also a big variable in the injury of Yoon Ye-bin, Smith, and Lee Ju-yeon last season. However, in this season when injured players returned in succession, Jo has played in all 12 games played by Samsung Life Insurance, scoring 6.2 points, the most since her debut, and is serving as a vital force in the bench.

In the match against KB on the 18th, Cho Soo-ah's bold play, which was younger but bolder than any other veteran player, led Samsung Life to victory. Jo, who played 24 minutes and 34 seconds, more than Lee Ju-yeon and Smith, contributed decisively to Samsung Life's come-from-behind victory by scoring 12 points, six rebounds, two assists, and three steals, including two three-point shots. In particular, the chase's three-point shot at 49-54 and the final three-point shot at 58-58 were the highlights of Cho's performance in the game.

Samsung Life Insurance, where Shin E-seul has become the main guard this season, can build a stronger guard if Yoon Ye-bin, the tall guard, can play normally with Lee Ju-yeon and Smith returning. On top of that, Jo Su-ah, who was born in 2003, is playing a role as a "game changer" that changes the atmosphere of the game as a "six woman" of Samsung Life Insurance. It is surprising enough that a 20-year-old player with a strong future in the "guard rich" Samsung Life Insurance is already performing this well.
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