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Manchester City drew 3-3 with Tottenham

Manchester City will face disciplinary action.

"Man City was fined 120,000 pounds (about 200 million won) for going on a rampage over referee Simon Hooper in the Premier League (PL) match against Tottenham Hotspur."

Manchester City drew 3-3 with Tottenham in the PL14 round of the 2023-24 season at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England, on the 4th. At that time, Manchester City allowed Son Heung-min to score the first goal, but Son Heung-min's own goal and Phil Foden's come-from-behind goal ended the first half 2-1.

Tottenham's counterattack was strong, however. Giovanni Lo Celso, who received a pass from Son Heung-min, scored a goal and balanced the score. Manchester City took the lead again with Jack Grealish's goal, but Dejan Kulusevski's goal in the 45th minute of the second half made it 3-3.

The tight flow was maintained until the last minute of the match. Manchester City players were angry at this situation. When Holan caught the ball during a perfect counterattack in extra time in the second half, Emerson made a tackle behind him. However, Holan quickly broke out and stabbed a pass into the back space.

However, the referee did not apply an advantage and blew the whistle. The Manchester City players strongly protested, but the referee had already ruled. Guardiola also protested to the fourth referee, expressing discontent, but he did not reverse the decision. In the end, the game ended 3-3.

After the game ended, Hallan couldn't hold back his anger. He cursed at the WTF (What the fxxk) on his social media. In an interview with Sky Sports, Guardiola said, "I blew the whistle after the referee had already told me to proceed. After the pass, I blew the whistle. I don't understand this behavior."

As a result, Manchester City was fined for his actions. "Manchester City was sued by the FA two weeks ago for failing to ensure that players do not behave in an inappropriate way. I was fined for acknowledging this at the hearing," said The Athletic.

However, there was no additional disciplinary action against Hallan for swearing through SNS.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2023
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