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"Gee" of Girls'

A showdown between Changwon LG and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation was held at Daegu Gymnasium on the 16th.

LG manager Cho Sang-hyun put Lee Kwan-hee, who appeared in "Solo Hell 3," on the topic in a pre-interview ahead of the game.

"Yang Hong-seok wants to dance to 'Gee' of Girls' Generation," Cho Sang-hyun said after he and Lee Kwan-hee decided to watch 'Solo Hell 3' together. I used to dance to 'Gee' with Kim Joo-sung and others at the All-Star Game," Cho said. "After watching the video, I made a promise on Sakers TV that I would dance with him if I became an All-Star Game director. I didn't know that, but he said, 'Director, you have to become an All-Star Game director and do that.'"

Cho Sang-hyun, who will be the head coach of the All-Star Game with DB head coach Kim Joo-sung, danced to Girls' Generation's "Gee" song with Kim Hyo-beom, Lee Dong-joon, Shin Ki-sung, the late Pyo Myung-il, Ham Ji-hoon, and Kim Joo-sung at the All-Star Game held on February 1, 2009.

He met Yang Hong-seok ahead of the match between LG and Seoul Samsung at Changwon Gymnasium on the 18th.

When asked how he came to make his promise to dance with coach Cho Sang-hyun, Yang said, "The video clip appeared in the algorithm. I've been thinking about that if I go to an All-Star game with him because the team's performance is good," adding, "The coach told me not to think about that and to put in the shot first (laughs). Don't say such weird things and think about how to help the team. The coach must feel pressured."

It seemed that Yang would definitely be able to play in the All-Star Game. However, as of 23:59 on the 15th, Yang was ranked 19th in the All-Star fan voting list. The results of the vote are currently private.

When asked if he could participate in the All-Star Game, Yang said, "It's embarrassing. I saw it (the highest ranking) up to 10th place," adding, "I saw it because fans tagged me on social media, and the ranking went down a lot. So if I can't go (to the All-Star Game) with (Coach Cho Sang-hyun), I can't even keep my promise."

After winning the game against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis on the 11th, Yang Hong-seok said, "Our team's rookie Yoo Ki-sang can go to the All-Star Game, and 24 people are going to go to the All-Star Game. It's a chin-up. Please raise it a lot," and said, "It's the last All-Star game before I go to the military, and I really want to go with Ki-sang."

Yoo Ki-sang was ranked 16th, higher than Yang Hong-seok, just before the closed-door switch.

When Yang said he was ranked higher in the organic award, he said, "I definitely asked him to pick me (laughs). I'm not spending it alone."

"If you get selected as an All-Star, it's better to do the 'Gee' that the coach played in the All-Star Game," Yang said. "I hope many fans will vote to keep my promise. I definitely want to go to the All-Star Game. Please vote for me."
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Monday, December 18, 2023
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