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Preparing BBLC for Casino Games

The Betting, Game and Lottery Commission (BGLC) will send two employees to the United States next month for technical training on game operations to strengthen regulatory functions and prepare for possible formal approval of local casinos.

"According to BGLC Chairman Walter Scott, employees will be trained at Atlantic Cape Community College in New Jersey under a memorandum of understanding between BGLC and Atlantic Cape.

"...Surprisingly, this training will include providing BGLC staff with knowledge of how to detect and respond to the console's motherboard manipulation and how to correct the machine.

"With private sector groups and tourism interest groups lobbying for the introduction to boost tourism products, the Jamaican Council of Churches has led a strong opposition to the introduction. Although other forms of gambling have been legalized, authorities have so far caved in to pressure from opposition to lobbying and drawn a line in casinos..."
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Sunday, December 17, 2023
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