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Kim Ha-Sung Failed To Become The Second Baseman

Kim Ha-sung 28, San Diego Padres, who was the first Asian infielder to receive a gold glove given to the best defender in the U.S. Major League Baseball MLB, was unfortunately not selected as the "All MLB Team," which is the best player by position this year.

According to the all-MLB team list announced by MLB.COM on the 17th, Marcus Simon Texas Rangers and Ozzy Olvis Atlanta Braves were selected as the first and second team runners, respectively.

Kim Ha-sung, the winner of the Gold Glove in the National League Utility Beast category, was nominated for eight second baseman along with Jose Altuve Houston Astros and Nico Horner Chicago Cubs, who wore the gold gloves in this year's National League second baseman category, but did not reach the final award.

The all-MLB team, which was established in 2019 by MLB after the National Basketball Association NBA, will form a team with the best players by position that year, including offense and defense.

The first team is an All-Star of the year in name and reality, and the second team is made up of runners-up of each position.

This year's MLB team will be decided by combining 50% of the online fan vote and 50% of the votes of the panel consisting of media workers, club officials, and former players.

"Korean Monster" Ryu Hyun-jin 36 was selected as one of the five starting pitchers on MLB's second team for 2019 and 2020 in a row.

Shohei Ohtani Los Angeles Dodgers, who pioneered the era of 700 million dollars in professional sports, was named the designated hitter and starting pitcher of the first team as a superstar.

Ohtani was also named the American League winner of the 2023 Hank Aaron Award, which will be given to the best hitters in both leagues.
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Sunday, December 17, 2023
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