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Oh Jae-hyun, Choi Won-hyuk, and Park Moo-bin played good defense

SK defeated Hyundai Mobis.

Seoul SK Knights won 85-77 against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus in the third round of the 2023-2024 Jeong Kwan-Jang Professional Basketball Regular League held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 16th.< a i=2>SK, which sold out its home game, beat Hyundai Mobis and won. Even though we led by a large score, we were on the verge of a comeback, but we showed our concentration and maintained the victory.Coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “We worked hard to make KBL a success. (Laughs) It was fun for the fans even though we couldn’t win easily. raised it. Aluma came out and at first looked like he hurt his ankle. He got off to a good start and Warney was very good in the first quarter. It wasn't bad until the middle of the second quarter, but it's encouraging that they did a good job controlling the rebound. We talked again after the end because of our complacent actions when the score was high. He said, "The players need to reflect on the things that happened in the second quarter." He continued, "The most important thing is to praise them for not allowing a comeback when the opponent was in hot pursuit when they had a big lead." I want to do it. I think it's fortunate that we kept the score and didn't give up the flow. The rebound concentration was good in the 4th quarter. Of course, it feels good to win. Although it was disappointing, the players still focused when they needed to focus. I think it was more possible because it was home. I gained strength after receiving the cheers of the fans. I saw the home advantage. “I could feel the cheers of the fans,” he added. Hyundai Mobis rookie Park Moo-bin played well and threatened SK, but Oh Jae-hyeon and Choi Won-hyuk defended him well at the end of the game. Director Jeon said, "In the fourth quarter, Wonhyuk and Jaehyun did a good job defending Park Moo-bin. Park Moo-bin led the attack with a 2-2 score and asked him to be active, and he did a good job. He did not give any specific instructions to Oh Jae-hyeon, but he told him to defend Park Moo-bin on his own, but instead told him to take his time from above. “In the end, we are not an offensive team, but a defensive team,” he said with a laugh.Ahn Young-jun (7 points, 6 rebounds) suffered from poor field goals, but he still contributed to the victory with his activity and rebounding.< /span> Photo = Provided by KBL  Director Jeon said, “Youngjun shouldn’t dribble a lot, but Hyundai Mobis used traps to trap him a lot, so that was a bit of a problem. Still, I held my mentality well. I thought he was going to explode, but he actively participated in rebounding in the 4th quarter and is a player who needs to continue to grow. He said, “You have to keep going through things and growing.”
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Saturday, December 16, 2023
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