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Men's Volleyball Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance successfully re

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance succeeded in regaining second place in the professional volleyball men's division.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance defeated OK Financial Group in the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League men's home game held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 15th. They were defeated with a set score of 3-0 (25-22 25-22 25-21). Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which achieved its 11th win (5 losses) this season, jumped to 2nd place in the league with 28 points, ahead of Korean Air (28 points, 9 wins, 6 losses) with the most wins. ‘Main gun’ Yosvani Hernández led the team’s attack with 28 points, while Shin Jang-ho (11 points) and Kim Jeong-ho (10 points) combined for double-digit scores. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which was briefly pushed back to third place on the 13th when Korean Air defeated Korea Electric Power Corporation with a set score of 3-1, rose again to second place on the leaderboard with a win that day, and beat leader Woori Card (31 points, 11 wins, 4 losses). They were closely chasing by 3 points.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance used a strong serve to shake off OK Financial Group's chase in the first set. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which had escaped by a point at 7-5 with Shin Jang-ho's spike serve, took a valuable lead with Kim Jeong-ho's powerful serve in the second half of the set, which was closely tied at 20-20. Yosbani ended the set with a serve ace at 24-22.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won the second set thanks to the offensive power of Yosbani, who scored double digits. Yosbani scored 11 points, the most for both teams, with an attack success rate of 66.67% in the second set. On the other hand, OK Financial Group foreign player Leonardo Leyva Martinez (registered name Leo) scored only 5 points with an attack success rate of 45.45%. OK Financial Group was pushed to the set point in a 22-23 game when Leo's rear attack went off the line, and Song Hee-chae's open attack also fell off the line, conceding the second set.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was last-minute I showed my concentration and ended the match in the 3rd set. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which once held a 6-point lead, contributed 6 points in a row to tie the game at 20-20. Afterwards, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance exchanged one point each with OK Financial Group, and Shin Jang-ho took control by blocking Leo's back attack. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance then created a match point through blocking by opponents Beomsil and Noh Jae-wook, and ended the game with Yosbani's serve ace, just like in the first set. OK Financial Group, whose team attack success rate was only 43.66%, suffered the bitter taste of losing 4 games in a row.

Meanwhile, in the women's division, GS Caltex defeated Pepper Savings Bank in an away game held at Gwangju Pepper Stadium, with Giselle Silva With his 29-point performance, he won with a set score of 3-0 (25-23 25-23 25-15). GS Caltex maintained 3rd place with 28 points (10 wins, 6 losses), and Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest place, suffered its 9th consecutive loss.
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Saturday, December 16, 2023
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