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KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin and DB coach Kim Joo-seong are excited

KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin, who outscored the team by 47-28 in rebounds, smiled broadly.

Busan KCC won 94-88 in the third match against Wonju DB of the 2023-2024 Jeong Kwan-Jang Professional Basketball League held at Sajik Indoor Stadium in Busan on the 15th. KCC, which had won two games in a row with this win, reported its 8th win (9th loss) of the season.

KCC, which finished the first half with a score of 47-51, fell behind by as many as 9 points at one point in the third quarter. However, the balance was soon balanced by the players' even performance. A seesaw game began around halfway through the third quarter.

When about 2 minutes had passed in the 4th quarter, KCC raised the mood. While DB's outer zero point was not correct, scores were swept from inside and outside. It was 92-83 thanks to Alize DeShawn Johnson's dunk with about 1 minute and 30 seconds left in the game. KCC maintained the lead for the remaining time, becoming the fourth team to inflict a loss on DB this season.

After the game, coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “We played hard on defense, but the opponent played well. There have been many games where the team completely collapsed when it collapsed and allowed the opponent to chase after it when it won. Today, the players’ attitude and concentration in the game were good. “It was a game where we played calmly even when we had the lead and when we lost it,” he said.

KCC took a large lead in the battle for air superiority on this day, 47-28. In response, the former coach also praised the players.

Coach Jeon said, “It is encouraging that we grabbed 19 more rebounds against DB. Overall, all players did well and it was a game that showed off their strengths. He expressed satisfaction, saying, “The foreign players also played their roles well.”

The key for KCC ahead of the third round match against Goyang Sono at home on the 17th is to maintain the energy level of their winning streak. Coach Jeon said, “The stamina for the game has improved a little, but it needs to improve further.” “If I finish well until the break period, my stamina will increase,” he predicted.

Meanwhile, DB collapsed in the 4th quarter without being able to maintain the lead in the 3rd quarter and failed to make it 5 consecutive wins.
Coach Kim Joo-sung said after the game, "We can't win by giving away nearly 20 more rebounds." He said it before and during the match, but he looked back and said, "Because of that, he had a tough match."

He continued, “The players played loosely. It didn't run well, as if a screw was loose. The opponent fought hard to win, but we didn't. “Of course we can’t win,” he added.

Before the game, coach Kim Joo-seong said about the synergy effect between Doo Kyung-min and Albano, "The biggest advantage is that Doo Kyung-min's return allows Albano's physical strength to be distributed. Albano plays more while moving rather than on set. Doo Kyung-min fills in well in that regard, and Doo Kyung-min is also a player who has a good influence in offense and defense. He said, “I will slowly prepare for the synergy that comes from playing together.”

When asked about the combination of Doo Kyung-min and Albano, which was often seen in the game on this day, he said, “There are some parts that do not fit because they have not been able to exercise together much. There are definitely some difficult parts as the distribution of balls increases. “I will continue to research,” he replied.
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Saturday, December 16, 2023
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