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ML 2-year contract imminent, leaving KBO

He said, “He is likely looking at a two-year contract worth more than $5 million per year.” This means that he is likely to be the first foreign player to move from the KBO League to the Major League to receive a contract worth more than $10 million.

MLB Trade Rumors also reported this news on the 5th, saying, “If the deal is completed, Peddie will return to the Major League after spending one season in Korea. Peddie, 30, has had a good year. “Only 5% of opposing batters walked Peddie, and Peddie struck out 29.5% of batters.”

His ball ratio was extremely strong, and his ability to induce ground balls was good thanks to the sweeper that was installed perfectly this year. The combination of a fastball in the early 150 km/h range, cutter, and sweeper plagued KBO League hitters all year long. KBO League hitters were unable to find a way to attack Pedi.

MLB Trade Rumors said, “His superior performance in the hitter-friendly KBO league laid the foundation for his quick return to the major leagues. In addition to improved performance, it appears that the ball combination has been completely overhauled. I developed more horizontal movement (sweeper) on my slider and adjusted my changeup grip. “The changed weapon has certainly piqued the interest of several teams, as he has received interest from several major league teams this winter.”

NC also offered a multi-year contract to Peddie. However, the three foreign players must not violate the $4 million total (Peddy's contract is being renewed, so the total is $4.1 million). Therefore, the prevailing view is that they would not have been able to offer a significantly increased annual salary to Peddie, who received $1 million last year.

If it is $5 million per year for two years, it is no match for the money fight between NC and the Major League. Moreover, after sweeping his five trophies at the KBO awards ceremony, Peddie said that he would focus on his family as his next destination. Are there any family members who prefer living abroad? In fact, it should be interpreted as a statement that he was considering returning to the major leagues. It is known that NC does not have high expectations internally and is calmly seeking a plan B.

However, at this point, the name of the club signing a contract with Peddie has not been revealed. The Athletic selected the Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Minnesota Twins, and Baltimore Orioles as strong candidates. Recently, the Pittsburgh fan site emphasized the signing of Peddie. Considering that Feinsand mentioned an unspecified team, it appears that he is not headed to Washington.
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Friday, December 15, 2023
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