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'All Stars Go Out'

The 2nd Professional Football Association Charitable Soccer Competition, which is comparable to the Professional Football All-Star Game, will be held. This soccer competition, which leads the respected soccer culture that seniors and juniors create together and is designed for aspiring soccer players, marks its second season this year following the 2022 competition. Many players will participate in the charity game, which will be held in a grand manner at Ajou University Gymnasium on December 16.

The Korea Professional Footballers Association (hereinafter referred to as the Players' Association) confirmed the final list and released the list of players.

Team Lee Keun-ho, chairman of the Players Association, Chung Da-ho, director Cho Hyun-woo, Lee Young-jae, Shim Seo-yeon, and Yang Dong-hyun will participate.

Chairman Ji So-yeon, Kim Min-woo, Shin Kwang-hoon, and Nam Joon-jae will participate in the team's Ji So-yeon, while goalkeeper gloves will be firmly guarded by director Cho Soo-hyuk and Lim Min-hyuk, who gained huge popularity last year.

Subsequently, Yoon Seok-young, Kwon Eun-som, Kim Hye-ri, Hwang Jae-won, Hong Jeong-woon, and Yeo Min-ji will join the team's Yeom Ki-hoon, and Vice Chairman Kang Ga-ae and Director Jung Sung-ryong will protect the goal.

Lastly, this year's top scorer Joo Min-kyu will aim for a goal with Vice Chairman Lee Chung-yong, Baek Sung-dong, Koo Ja-cheol, Kang Sung-jin, Jang Si-won, and Hwang Moon-ki, who won the assist award.

Lee Keun-ho, chairman of the Korea Players Association, said, "The list of players who will compete has been finalized. Team Lee Keun-ho, Team Ji So-yeon, Team Yeom Ki-hoon and Team Lee Chung-yong will face off. They will win all teams and have a showdown. I will definitely win." He expressed his desire for victory.

Kim Hoon-ki, secretary-general of the Players Association, said, "We will do our best to create a culture that sends seniors who cried and laughed and players who move on to their second lives after finishing their soccer lives, along with the players' association's desire to create fun attractions for soccer fans after the season is over. We ask for your interest and support, and we hope many soccer fans will visit the stadium on the 16th."

"This year, I made my team different from last year. I will not let it slide that I am about to retire. I will definitely win," Chairman Ji So-yeon said.

"It is a charity match, but it is expected to be fierce as the four teams will play as a tournament. I will prepare for the upcoming match through tactical training with my teammates," said Lee Chung-yong, vice chairman of the Korea Players Association. "I will hold both fun and victory in the charity match."

Lastly, Vice Chairman Kang Ga-ae added, "Many players will participate this year as well as last year. I'm looking forward to an interesting game. I will make it fun and impressive."
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Thursday, December 14, 2023
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