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Is Holland harder to defend than Messi?

Antonio Rudiger has revealed why Holland is more difficult to deal with.

"Real Madrid defender Antonio Rudiger explained why it is more difficult to defend Erling Holland than Lionel Messi," the British media "Goalcom" reported on the 14th.

Rudiger, the national defender of Real Madrid and Germany, explained why he thinks it is more difficult to defend Manchester City's goaltender and next-generation superstar Holland than Messi, who is considered the GOAT at this point.

Rudiger scrapes the opponent's temper while playing, using a psychological game in which he does not receive a card, but rather allows the opponent to receive a card, angering the opponent, showing an intelligent defense and a fairly daring and solid defense.

He also said that facing tough opponents on the field gives him extra motivation. Speaking to reporters, Rudiger said, "A defense against rough opponents? That's what I live for. It's my favorite moment to overcome all odds when everything is going against the odds. Holland did that. I'm living for those moments."

"It's hard to defend a tall player like Holland and Osimhen, but I prefer to play with a player this tall than a player like [Lionel] Messi," he continued.

Rudiger's last match against Holland was in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City. The match, held at the Santiago Bernabeu, ended in a 1-1 draw when Holland failed to score a goal.

In the second leg, Rudiger was replaced after 63 minutes, and Holland was replaced by Pep Guardiola after 89 minutes. Manchester City sealed their spot in the final with a landslide 4-0 victory at the Etihad Stadium.
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Thursday, December 14, 2023
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