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Announcer Oh Hyo-joo questions reserve major leaguer Lee Jeong-h

The leading batter representing the KBO League meets the leading announcer representing professional baseball broadcasts.

Lee Jeong-hoo (25), who is close to signing a major league contract, meets KBSN sports veteran announcer Oh Hyo-joo and has a candid conversation. It is not simply a conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee. Lee Jeong-hoo candidly explains his baseball world view through questions from announcer Oh Hyo-joo, and in this, announcer Oh Hyo-joo's speaking style is conveyed meaningfully.

Lee Jung-hoo is well-known as a player who is as attentive to fans as he is for his top-tier skills in the league. However, what he thinks and what values ​​he holds as a professional baseball player and a 25-year-old young man have never been fully conveyed to the media or fans. He only briefly spoke about the ins and outs of the game through fragmentary newspaper interview articles or brief sports news, but he rarely spoke for a long period of time about what he thought about baseball and life.

However, he felt that he would be able to have an in-depth conversation with announcer Oh Hyo-joo through an in-depth interview, so he readily accepted the book project proposal. Once after the end of the 2022 season and once again when we were taking a breather while focusing on rehabilitation training after an unexpected injury in the 2023 season, we were able to spend precious time talking and exchanging various thoughts. The conversation continued for a long time on a variety of topics, big and small, including overseas expansion, which I had already been preparing for for a long time, and ending my career in Korean professional baseball. He also used it as a time to look back on his past life as he grew up, savor the present, and envision the future.

Lee Jeong-hoo is positive. He is simple and cool. Although he is young, he somehow exudes a mature and relaxed look. Although he appears to have infinite self-confidence, he is by no means conceited. He is not influenced by the atmosphere; he creates it himself. Not only in the stadium, but also in interviews and books, Lee Jeong-hoo's character is similar. He is a player with a heroic narrative, just like the name of the team he played for for 7 years. He is special and extraordinary. Since he was born as the son of Lee Jong-beom, the ‘Son of the Wind’, he was already given the nickname ‘Grandson of the Wind’. It is by no means common for a player to have grown up in such a special environment, having been given this nickname long before he even debuted as a professional player.

People often think of Lee Jeong-hoo as a born genius. You might be one of those people who thought that way too. If so, I would like to answer like this. “You don’t know Lee Jeong-hoo yet.” However, after reading this book, I think you will be able to understand a little more what kind of player and person Lee Jeong-hoo is. In order to increase the breadth and depth of the public's understanding of Lee Jeong-hoo and narrow the gap of misunderstanding, interviewer Oh Hyo-joo pondered over many concerns and thoughts, brought up various topics, and sometimes even drew new questions from them. When a good interviewer meets a good interviewee, a book like this is created.

Of course, this book cannot contain the 25 years of history written by a person named Lee Jeong-hoo. But at least what Lee Jeong-hoo was thinking about in 2022 and 2023, what he gained and sometimes lost over the past seven years as a professional baseball player in Korea, and what kind of story he will tell in an unfamiliar foreign land in the future. You may be able to convey traces of your experiences and concerns as to whether you are preparing a suitable sketch for writing. Oh Hyo-joo asked, and Lee Jeong-hoo answered. That alone makes this book more valuable.
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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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