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“This competition is like a gift” Jeju basketball dreamers unite

“This competition is like a gift to Jeju Island’s aspiring basketball players who have been thirsty for the competition.”

The '2023 Youth Sports Festival 3x3 Basketball Jeju Tournament', which is being held at the Ildo Elementary School gymnasium located at 27 Samseong-ro 9-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, on the 9th (Saturday), is becoming a place for exchange where aspiring basketball players from Jeju Island gather together and share friendship through 3x3.

Unlike the mainland where 3x3 competitions are held almost every week, the number of 3x3 competitions on Jeju Island is so small that only two or three times a year are held. Considering the recent rise in popularity of 3x3, the number is far from sufficient to quench the basketball thirst of Jeju Island's youth and youth.

Is that why? The 15 teams and 60 players participating in this tournament are giving their best to each game as if they are quenching their thirst. Parents who came to the stadium to see Jeju Island's youth and youth become one through 3x3 also said in one voice, "This is a gift like a gift to Jeju Island's aspiring basketball players who have been thirsty for the competition."

Yang Joo-ho (6th grade, Ildo Elementary School), an elite athlete from Ildo Elementary School who participated in this competition as Boss Baby, said, “Opportunities like this are rare in Jeju Island. “3x3 is popular on land, but 3x3 competitions are rare in the province, so it was disappointing,” he said. “Furthermore, it was a unique experience as we were on the same team as regular students.” Also, I think it has greater meaning because the competition is held at our school. “I hope such competitions will be held in Jeju Island at least once a year in the future,” he said.

Kim Gyeong-tae, coach of Ildo Elementary School, also expressed his agreement with the purpose of this competition and said, “Actually, I was skeptical at first, but seeing elite players and ordinary students sharing friendship in 3x3, I think it is a competition with a really good purpose. “I hope there will be competitions like this more often, and it would be better if the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Basketball Association itself holds competitions like this,” he said.

An official from the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Basketball Association, which organized this tournament along with the Korea Basketball Association, said, “I was very surprised by the warmer response than I expected while holding this tournament. I learned how much the Jeju Island youth love basketball and how thirsty they are for competitions. “As we have made our first start this year, we will make more substantial preparations within the association and strive to provide opportunities to as many students as possible,” he promised.
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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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