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EGT and E-Systems GmbH increase Liechtenstein footprint

Euro Games Technology and its partner for Germany, Switzerland, the Baltics and Liechtenstein – E-Systems GmbH – have delivered the a large number of machines for the recently founded Casino 96 in Balzers, with 32 of a total 75 gaming stations. 24 of the installed slot cabinets are from the latest General series of EGT with the renowned G 32-32 VIP model, the widely preferred G 27-27 Up, while 8 terminals are the S32 from the S-Line of EGT Multiplayer, connected to an automated roulette wheel. They will reveal to the players the impacting and widely varied gaming world of the Red General HD, Purple Power HD, Gold Collection HD and King 4 HD multigame mixes that all include high-definition content. All the machines are linked to the innovative Jackpot Cards – a four-level mystery progressive jackpot of EGT, based on the concept of equal odds for winning.

“We have partnered with the operator before, so they were aware of EGT’s slot machines and their solid performance,” shared Emilia Tomachinska, managing director of E-Systems GmbH. “So we focused as usual on our service – the thorough initial consultation about the models and their possible arrangement on the floor, the set-up and configuration of the cabinets before and during the installation, the fluent workflow and cooperation on-site between E-Systems and operator’s technical team, the training we provided and the aftersales continuous availability of our specialists for high quality support. In the end we gladly received another positive feedback for our work.”

The delivery to Casino 96 will increase EGT’s footprint in Liechtenstein and the region. Although the lockdown in the country was extended, when back to normal operation the casino is expected to become a focal gaming point and a strong reference for the company for its strategic position – it is located near the eastern side of Switzerland, Western Austria and the southern part of Germany.

“EGT offers the richest gaming content on a single cabinet,” commented Thomas Steuer, sales director of E-Systems GmbH. “The installed Jackpot Cards is adding an extra-level of excitement and a gapless transparency about the jackpot statistics which gains the trust of the players and gives them another reason to choose the EGT products. We are looking forward to adding the long-awaited Green General HD mix on the slot machines as well as the innovative “Multiplay 1” software on the terminals of EGT Multiplayer in near future.”
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