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Pakistan Reunites After 1 Month

Lim Do-heon-ho, who struggled to advance to the men's round of 12 volleyball at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, will reunite with Pakistan in a month. The objective power is superior, but we can never let our guard down when we look at the recent atmosphere.

The South Korean men's volleyball team, led by head coach Lim Do-hun, will play Pakistan in the round of 12 tournament at the Linping Sports Center in Hangzhou at 8 p.m. on the 22nd.

If they win here, they are likely to meet Qatar in the quarterfinals.

The men's volleyball team, which aims to win the gold medal for the first time in 17 years since the 2006 Doha Games, is struggling unexpectedly. Korea lost to India, which was evaluated as one step below, by a set score of 2-3 in the first Group C match on the 20th.

South Korea, which beat Cambodia 3-0 on the 21st to have one win and one loss, advanced to the round of 12 tournament by ranking second in Group C.

Our opponent, Pakistan, the top-ranked team in Group D, is not just a pushover. In the FIVB ranking, South Korea is 27th and Pakistan 51st.

The national team faced Pakistan in the group stage qualifying round for the Asian Volleyball Federation AVC Asian Championship on August 21, a month ago. At that time, Korea won the set score of 3-1, but it had a tough game to the extent that it had two sets of deuce matches.

The key for South Korea is how to block 205cm tall striker Murad Khan and 189cm Usman Faryad Ali. It seems important to shake the opponent's reception as much as possible through strong serve.

Fortunately, Jung Ji-seok Korean Air, who had back pain, has been playing since the match against Cambodia on the 21st. On top of that, the oldest and veteran Han Korean Air is taking the center stage by encouraging the shaken players.

Han, the field commander, is raising his condition by utilizing middle blockers Kim Kyu-min and Kim Min-jae Korean Air in the right place.

From now on, it's a tournament, so if you lose, you're eliminated right away. Attention is focusing on whether the men's volleyball team, which sadly won the silver medal at the Jakarta Palembang Games five years ago, will be able to show a different appearance after taking the bitter medicine of an early defeat.
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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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