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The aftereffects of nine consecutive wins that have come to KIA

Maybe it's a season dominated by terrible bad luck.

In a way, KIA is not playing well this year. With the opening, Na Sung-bum and Kim Do-young were virtually lost at the same time. Foreign pitchers Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina were out side by side in early July after repeatedly making uneasy moves despite being considered as ball pitchers.

He played 62 games without the main third baseman, energizer, and the league's top clutch heater. It was bad luck. The poor performance of foreigners' one-two punch is a mistake of the front desk, practically the former general manager. It is true that the team has not gained momentum in many ways in the aftermath.

On top of that, due to injuries large and small and unexpected sluggishness of several players, they rarely hit until the end of June. Still, he endured as much as possible as the bullpen and outfield depth improved, and in July, he gained momentum as foreign pitchers were replaced, Kim Tae-gun's trade, Na Sung-bum, Kim Do-young, and Choi Won-jun's return synergy were expressed at once.

But it didn't last long. There were Mario Sanchez's maladjustment and injury, Lee Eui-ri's shoulder and calluses, key shortstop Park Chan-ho's finger injury, and native ace Yang Hyun-jong's ups and downs. Choi Won-joon goes to the Hangzhou Asian Games at a time when he raises his batting pace after suffering from a slump. The transfer of Lee Eui-ri and Choi Ji-min is also bad for KIA.

Crucially, there was a big bad news called Na Sung-beom's season out. It was cute that he was hit by his own foul ball against LG in Gwangju on the 10th and failed to defend properly for a while. He was diagnosed with a hamstring injury for 10 to 12 weeks while running from second to third base in Gwangju LG on the 19th.

KIA has lost seven consecutive games recently. After nine consecutive wins, they have lost two consecutive games, three consecutive games, and seven consecutive games. In the end, it should be said that he was properly caught by the aftermath of his nine-game winning streak. This is because the pace of hitters has clearly been dampened after nine consecutive wins. On top of that, combined with various issues of injuries, the team's performance has declined significantly.

Now it is time for head coach Kim Jong-guk to draw attention again. KIA lost seven consecutive games, but was only one game behind fifth-place SSG thanks to its nine-game winning streak. SSG's performance in the second half of the year is so bad that you wonder if he is the defending champion. This is another unfortunate thing for KIA.

However, we should not expect to go to the quarterfinals through external luck. Luck and bad luck are also skills, and for KIA, it is a time when the so-called five-round exit strategy is required to overcome this period with KIA's power. Na Sung-beom and Choi Won-jun should be filled by Lee Woo-sung, Lee Chang-jin, and Ko Jong-wook. The Lee Eui-ri gap is expected to continue to be filled by alternative starters such as Hwang Dong-ha, Kim Ki-hoon and Kim Geon-guk.

On the mound, attention is being paid to whether plan B will come out to prepare for Choi Ji-min's absence and Lim Ki-young's overload along with Sanchez's pace recovery. He has 23 games left, the most among the 10 clubs. If you maintain your power well and plan B well, it is definitely not impossible to enter the 5th round. Seven games against second-place KT and two consecutive games in Incheon from the 30th to the 1st of next month against fifth-place SSG are the biggest watersheds.
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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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