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Successful negotiations can lead to wage increases, etc.

Employees of Delta Gaming Assets joined Unipo Local 114, the largest union in the private sector, in January 2023. Currently, it represents more than 315,000 workers in all major sectors of the Canadian economy. The aim of the Union is to protect all workers and their rights and to fight for equality in Canada and beyond social justice.

In a recent press release, Lana Payne, the head of the union, said forming a union is the most effective way to make everyone's voice heard at work while also earning real and long-term benefits. On behalf of the union, she welcomed the team's staff and congratulated them on their first negotiated contract.

Under the terms of the new three-year agreement, wages will be raised by 9% and insurance premiums for moving graves will be added. According to the union, the signing of the contract will create provisions to protect seniority and make schedules and recalls more transparent and fair for employees who are members of the union.

Under the new collective agreement, employers will also designate September 30 as a national holiday for truth and reconciliation and a federal statutory holiday for Unifore's social justice fund. West Regional Union Director Gavin McGarrigle said the deal is another example of workers who have not yet joined the union but are considering joining.

Operational since Sept
After years of development and hurdles, Gateway Casino and Entertainment finally launched Cascade Casino Delta in September 2022 and hosted the Grand Open. Currently, the union represents more than 200 workers on the site. Some of them work as dealers, slot attendants, guest service staff, food and beverage servers, cashiers, and security guards.

The opening ceremony was attended by important members of the operator British Columbia Lottery Company and many others. The company's chief executive, Rob Ward, said it was a huge opportunity for both Delta and the company. He believes the new wealth is a testament to the resilience and determination of many people who have contributed.

In addition to the property's high-end gambling facilities, the company also keeps customers protected. This is done with the help of BCLC's GameSense program. Experts in the program remind us that gambling should be done only for fun. If better people have questions, experts can use them during the game floor's operating hours.
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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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