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Turnhag Pick’ continued to fail → Manchester United seniors turn

So far, all of the players Manchester United coach Eric Tunhach has recruited have failed. A feeling of disbelief in Coach Turnhag's eyes is spreading even within the team.

Britain's Daily Mail reported on the 6th (Korean time), "Top stars who have played for Manchester United for a long time were surprised to see how bad Coach Tunhag's recruitment was," and added, "Many players, including Rasmus Høirun, Anthony, and Mason Mount, have left a deep impression so far." He said that senior players on the team are pessimistic about Turnhag.

Turnhag, who took over at Manchester United last summer, invested more than 400 million pounds (approximately 661.8 billion won) in the transfer market over 18 months, but it still did not bear fruit. Last season, Ajax paid 82 million pounds (about 135.6 billion won) to bring in Anthony, and this season, they paid 72 million pounds (about 119.1 billion won) and 60 million pounds (about 99.2 billion won) just to sign Hoirun and Mount, respectively. invested.

However, the performance of the three players so far is nowhere near the transfer fee. Anthony is in his second season after joining Manchester United, but he has been criticized for his lackluster play, earning him the nickname of a YouTube-style striker, while Hoirun and Mount are struggling due to injuries and poor performance. In particular, despite being a front-line striker, Hoe Irun has yet to report a goal in his Premier League debut.
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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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