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Bodog Casino adds Diamond Dazzle to roster of slots

The slot game Diamond Dazzle is now a popular addition to the slots roster at Bodog Casino.

Players can now embark on their very own space adventure, with precious jewels, stones and diamonds floating around in space. With stellar graphics, a smooth interface and blissfully simple gameplay, this charming three-reel slot game is the perfect mix between futuristic themes and traditional, old-school slot machine play.

Lacing a wild symbol, free spins or a bonus round, this game is primarily focused on easy play and frequent payouts, with a low jackpot. You don't actually have to line up three symbols of the same variety to win because Diamond Dazzle does things differently: You get prizes for landing combinations. A winning combination of a small, medium and large diamond (in that exact order) will have an even bigger payout.

Diamond Dazzle should definitely be the go-to choice for players looking for a more streamlined and straightforward slot game experience. Bodog Casino highly recommends this game for its regular payouts, flashy graphics and easy, seamless gameplay.
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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