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KT Benjamin vs. NC is Shin Min-hyuk, not Peddy.

The final 5th game of the fateful playoffs will be held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 5th. The starting pitcher was also announced on the 4th.

KT, which achieved an 11-2 victory in the 4th game by using William Cuevas, who had only rested for three days, as the starting pitcher, will use Wes Benjamin as is standard in the 5th game.

Benjamin started in Game 2 of PO and gave up 4 hits, including 1 home run, and allowed 3 runs in 5 innings, becoming the losing pitcher. He allowed a left-handed two-run shot to Park Geon-woo in the first inning, and in the third inning, he gave up an additional run with an infield ground ball after hitting a triple by leadoff hitter Kim Joo-won.

In the second PO game, Park Geon-woo (2 hits in 3 at-bats), Park Min-woo (1 hit in 3 at-bats), and Kim Joo-won (1 hit in 2 at-bats) hit Benjamin.

Benjamin recorded 15 wins, 6 losses, and an ERA of 3.54 in this year's regular season. Against NC, he faltered with 1 win and 2 losses in 3 games and an average ERA of 5.65.

Although he was the losing pitcher in the second game of PO, Benjamin pitched well. Benjamin, who was hit in the thigh by a hard hit in the 5th inning at the time, said, "His physical condition has recovered 100%."

For Benjamin, who lost by decision in the starting match against Shin Min-hyuk in the second game, the fifth game could be a stage of revenge.

Benjamin said enthusiastically, “If I focus on my mechanics and pitch my own way, I will get good results.”

In response to this, NC will have Shin Min-hyuk, not Peddie, as the starting pitcher in Game 5.

After the 4th PO game ended on the 3rd, NC coach Kang In-kwon said, "Eric Peddy's condition has not fully recovered, so we are considering a starting pitcher for the 5th game," and "Shin Min-hyuk is not bad either." This was not a 'smokescreen', but rather words filled with real concerns.

Peddie is a 'super ace' who won the triple crown for most wins, ERA, and strikeouts, with 20 wins, 6 losses, an ERA of 2.00, and 209 strikeouts in this year's regular season. In the first game of PO, he pitched well in 6 innings, allowing 3 hits, 1 run, and striking out 12, earning the starting win. However, he will not be able to start in the final game of PO's 3 wins out of 5 games.

As Director Kang said, Shin Min-hyuk is the ‘second priority card’ that NC can offer. Shin Min-hyuk started in the first game of the semi-PO against the SSG Landers and pitched well, allowing 4 hits and no runs in 5⅔ innings, but in the second game of the PO, he pitched even better, allowing 1 hit and no runs in 6⅓ innings, earning his first personal postseason victory.

In the second PO game, there was only one KT batter, Moon Sang-cheol, who hit Shin Min-hyuk. Shin Min-hyuk recorded 5 wins, 5 losses, and an average ERA of 3.98 in this year's regular season. His performance against KT in the regular season was 5 games, 2 wins, 2 losses, and an average ERA of 3.70. On the fall stage this year, Shin Min-hyuk is going 12 scoreless innings.

Although he suffered two losses after winning two games and was unable to select Ace Peddie as the starter in Game 5, NC teammates' trust in Shin Min-hyuk is very deep.

What kind of competition will this be? Attention is focused on the final match on the 5t
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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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