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"We will work harder for our juniors in women's basketball."

“I plan to continue playing women’s games in the future for the development of women’s basketball.”

The 18th Geumssal Love Gimpo Mayor's National Sports Basketball Competition (hereinafter referred to as Gimpo Geumssal Cup), which opened on the 18th and has a 20-year tradition, is Korea's representative sports basketball competition. Despite a three-year gap until last year due to COVID-19, the Gimpo Golden Rice Cup is growing in size day by day after the resumption of the competition.

The Gimpo Golden Rice Cup, widely known as a competition that is difficult for sports basketball teams across the country to participate in even if they want to, is a sports basketball competition with the highest level of competition management and participating team skills in the country.

The Gimpo Golden Rice Cup, which was only held for men's sports basketball teams until last year, is now being held in a total of three categories with the establishment of a college division and a women's division starting this year.

The category that stands out the most is the women's division. In fact, it is true that the women's sports basketball teams active in Korea are inferior in quantity and quality to the men's teams. Unfortunately, most of the proper sports basketball competitions for women's sports basketball teams are held as events.

As a result, the team is not operated as systematically or as fiercely competitive as the men's sports basketball teams. Of course, interest is low and it does not receive much attention.

As a specific example, until last year, KXO and the Korea Tour held a league for women's 3x3 teams, but due to frequent absences and poor performance of women's teams, this year, the women's tournament was not held at all or was held once every 2-3 times. lost.

As the number of places for women's sports basketball teams is decreasing, Gu Jeong-hoe, president of the Gimpo City Basketball Association, is creating and running a women's division in the Gimpo Geumssal Cup. She went out of her way to expand the base of women's basketball as a daily sport.

Six teams, including Hyper, Pasion, Amica, Bernice, Deorim, and LM, are participating in the women's division of this tournament and competing for the championship.

The participating players were happy that they could participate in a large-scale competition held in the metropolitan area for the first time in a while, and showed their best in each game. Regardless of whether they won or lost, they worked hard together on the court and enjoyed the Gimpo Golden Rice Cup. 

Gimpo City Basketball Association President Koo Jeong-hoe said, "With the help of WKBL (Korea Women's Basketball League), we were able to establish a new women's division. As a former female basketball player, I was always thinking about hosting a women's division, but this opportunity presented itself and I was able to establish a women's division at Gimpo Geumssal Cup." “I was very worried, but I was very happy to see the participating players having so much fun. And when I saw everyone saying, ‘Thank you for hosting the women’s tournament,’ I felt like I had to work harder for women’s basketball.”

He continued, "This year, because we created the women's division in a bit of a hurry, we were not able to join more teams. Some teams even expressed their intention to participate after hearing the news after the registration process was over." He added, "That's how much our women's basketball fans want to participate in the competition." “It’s big. Next year, we will increase the number of teams to 12 so that more women’s basketball fans can stand on the Gimpo Geumssal Cup court,” he said, adding that he will prepare well so that they can watch the women’s game at the Gimpo Geumssal Cup next year.
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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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