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Who is that guy who looks like Yokohama Ryusei? The handsome boy

There is a strong craze for handsome men at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Chinese swimmer Wang Soon is at the forefront of the flower boy craze. He is 191 centimeters tall, has a strong body, good looks, and even manners. It is a very rare type of flower boy in China.

Not only local fans in China, but also Korean fans who watched Hwang Sun-woo's 100m freestyle final held on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) were fascinated by Wang Soon's charm. Various communities responded that Wang-soon's attention-grabbing eyes were properly purified thanks to her handsome appearance. Wang Sun won the gold medal in the men's 200m individual medley with a time of 1:54.62.

Wang Soon finished the finale as the last runner of the torch relay at the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 23rd, and fans cheered at Wang Soon's appearance, and the front page of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games information magazine Asiad Daily is also Wang Soon's.

According to Chinese portal site ' ', Wang Sun said, "I don't pay attention (to my appearance) because I'm focusing on the competition now."

If China has Wang Sun, Japan has Keihan Takahashi (volleyball). Japanese sports media ‘The Encer’ reported on the 28th, “The Japanese men’s volleyball team won the bronze medal by beating Qatar 3-1 on the 26th. “Among the young members of the Japanese national team, Keihan Takahashi captured the hearts of Chinese fans with his outstanding skills and outstanding appearance,” he said. On social media, there are even compliments saying that he is reminiscent of popular Japanese actor Ryusei Yokohama.

The media introduced, “Takahashi, who is in charge of the national team, is known among volleyball fans as a promising player who will be responsible for the future of Japanese volleyball, but he is better known for his outstanding visuals that rival those of celebrities.”

The media reported that there are endless posts praising Takahashi's great looks on social media. Let’s take a look at the reactions of some netizens. “I think the number 31 player on the Japanese national team is definitely handsome,” “He resembles Ryusei Yokohama,” “I got Takahashi’s autograph and took a picture,” and “There are so many handsome men in Japan,” the compliments continued.
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Monday, December 4, 2023
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