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Yang In-young, who poured her passion on the court with team sen

Yang In-young showed passion on the court along with team senior Kim Jeong-eun .

Bucheon Hana One Q won 65-44 against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance in the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 regular league game held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 3rd.

With this win, Hana 1Q recorded its first home win of the season and 3 wins and 6 losses, trailing 4th place Busan BNK by 0.5 games.

On this day, Hana 1Q took the lead from the beginning of the game, taking advantage of the absence of key players such as Samsung Life Insurance's Lee Joo-yeon (171 cm, G) and Bae Hye-yoon (182 cm, F). At the center was Yang In-young. Yang In-young used the court organically with Kim Jong-un and actively participated in difficult tasks such as rebounding. Despite Samsung Life's tough defense, Yang In-young silently defended the post.

On this day, Yang In-young played 31 minutes and 22 seconds and recorded a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Yang In-young, who was selected as the Distinguished Player, expressed gratitude by emphasizing the role of Kim Jong-un, a senior member of the team.

Yang In-young said, “It was our first home win today. (Kim) Jeong-eun told me to show my good side. “I was proud because even the last players who entered were good,” he said about the game.

Next, Yang In-young said about the double-double record, “Actually, rather than feeling good about having a double-double, I was disappointed because I missed a rebound that I could have grabbed.”

Hana One Q is doing well, ranking 4th in the early part of the season. Yang In-young said, “With the arrival of (Kim) Jong-un, I learned not to get used to defeat. Last year, the difference in scores was large, but everyone could not easily shake off the feeling of defeat. There have been many close games now, and everyone has gained confidence that we can do it. However, it is unfortunate that it is not enough to turn it over. I didn't prepare anything big. I said let's show what we practiced on the court. Jeong explained the change in the team after Yang In-young joined, saying, “I think her older sister helped us a lot by defending Lee Hae-ran and we won.”

Lastly, Yang In-young said, “I wasn’t enough to try to take one more step when I was still having a hard time. I also reflected on myself and it was physically difficult today. “I tried not to show it as much as possible, but I think it wasn’t enough,” he said, ending the interview.
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Sunday, December 3, 2023
I like what you posted. I've read a lot of books that are similar! In contrast to other writings, yours really made an impact on me. It's great that you write thoughtful posts like this one. Please keep them coming!
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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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