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Neymar Breaks Up With Girlfriend Over Privacy Rumors

Brazilian soccer star Neymar has split from his wife about two months after his daughter was born amid controversy over his personal life.

Neymar and his old girlfriend Bruna Biancardi settled the relationship, according to local media on the 29th of last month.

Biancardi wrote on his SNS early on the 26th, "This is a private matter, but I'm informing you that I've come across news, speculation, and jokes. I'm not in a relationship with Neymar anymore," he said.

"We are the parents of our daughter, and that's why we became bonded," he said, stressing that various speculations and news should be stopped.

The media speculated that the reason for their separation may be due to Neymar's recently revealed privacy issues.

Earlier on the 28th, Spanish media "Marca" reported that Neymar had sent a message to Arlene Paria, a model working on an adult content platform, asking for nude photos.

In a public conversation, when Neymar asked if he had any photos of himself, Faria replied, "I have some." Then Neymar said, "What do you have? I miss you," he said.

In response, Paria sent a link to her adult content platform, and Neymar said, "I opened the link, but I don't see anything."

Faria said, "I can't show you for free. If you want to see it, please subscribe to my (paid) account and leave a review." Afterwards, Paria posted a picture of the conversation on her social media and said, "Pay for it. "There is nothing free," he publicly shot.

As the message spread quickly, Neymar said, "It happened before 2021. "I don't have a platform account, and I used a friend's account," he explained.

Meanwhile, Neymar began dating Biancardi in the summer of 2021 and announced the birth of his daughter on October 7.
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