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Betsoft unveils Shift platform

Betsoft Gaming, the originators and leaders in true 3-D cinematic gaming, have announced the advent of their proprietary Shift platform, which is designed to make the most of HTML5 technology. Shift is the new framework upon which all Betsoft games will be built. This next-generation platform is built entirely with HTML5, which is a global standard that every computer and device can support for the foreseeable future.

Adobe is discontinuing support for their Flash player, and Shift was developed to compensate for that, to ensure that Betsoft games retain their lush and detailed graphics and animations. The Shift platform runs natively on any supporting web browser -- such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, among others -- without the need for any third party plugins. The Shift platform is therefore more secure from cyber-attacks, granting operators and players peace of mind.

The Shift platform uses an all-new animation engine that runs much more efficiently than Flash, meaning that Betsoft's gorgeous games can be experienced the way they were meant to be. With the higher frame rate provided by this animation engine, animated game events are remarkably smooth. This allows for more complex graphical animations, leading to more satisfying and immersive gameplay.

"Our new Shift platform represents the next step in iGaming evolution, and is a tremendous milestone for the both the Company and the industry," said Mark McKeown, Betsoft's VP of Sales and Marketing. "While HTML5 has been a standard for some time, it is only just now that the technology and hardware have matured enough to allow for the standards of quality and visual excellence for which Betsoft games are known. We are extremely proud to introduce Shift as a comprehensive solution for future game development."

While Betsoft will be updating each game in their sprawling, true 3-D catalog for better synchronization with the new Shift platform, the company will still maintain and provide Flash versions of their iGaming suite for those players who may have older machines or devices.
Saturday, December 2, 2023
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