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If Go Woo-seok's vague move to the ML becomes a reality... LG’s

This is a trend that professional baseball LG cannot afford to just wait and see. LG is facing a situation where it has to prepare for various scenarios depending on the movements of built-in finisher Go Woo-seok.

On the 28th, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) requested the Major League Baseball Secretariat to post Go Woo-seok to 30 American professional baseball Major League (MLB) clubs at the request of the LG club. If the MLB Secretariat notifies the posting, negotiations with 30 clubs will be possible for 30 days starting the next day.

LG opened the opportunity for Go Woo-seok to challenge for the major league through the posting system, but in fact gave conditional approval. The position is that Go Woo-seok will be allowed to go to the United States only if acceptable contract terms are secured. LG's transfer fee is also automatically set according to the size of Go Woo-seok's contract. For example, if the contract amount is less than $25 million, LG receives 20% of the guaranteed amount from the MLB club. Additionally, if the contract size is less than $50 million, you will receive 17.5% of the amount exceeding $5 million and $25 million.

LG did not specifically disclose the ‘reasonable contract size.’ He summarized his position by saying, “The final decision is made by the team owner.” However, it appears that the time is approaching for the club to set a clearer “baseline” for its final direction, even internally. This is because the American media is also responding faster than expected.

On the 28th, local newspapers based in the U.S. states of Illinois and Missouri reported that St. Louis was recruiting left-handers Yuki Matsui and Ko Woo-seok, who had 32 saves for two consecutive years in the Japanese professional baseball league Rakuten, as candidates to strengthen their bullpen. . On the 29th, a report came out through Chicago-area media outlet 'Bleacher Nation' that the Chicago Cubs, who are known to be considering recruiting Matsui, have no reason not to be interested in Go Woo-seok, another option.

It appears that LG will be able to roughly read the results of Ko Woo-seok's posting, which was vague, through the atmosphere of the local media in the future.

We may have to make plans to finish next season assuming Go Woo-seok leaves the team. Most teams prioritize securing the closer as much as the first starter when preparing their pitching staff for the new season. It is time to prepare, even at the level of ‘Plan B’.

Fortunately, LG has plenty of cards to bring to the stage with a new finish. In the pitcher group, Baek Seung-hyun, who has a heavy fastball, and rookie right-hander Yoo Young-chan, who shined once more in this year's Korean Series, are highlighted first. During the last regular season, LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop selected Baek Seung-hyun as a candidate for the next generation closer. However, the true value of the bullpen pitchers has been revealed again through the Korean Series, so their evaluation is expected to be organized from various angles.
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Thursday, November 30, 2023

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