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BNK, the reason why you need to learn how to survive without Kim

Busan BNK is faltering after Kim Han-byeol left due to injury. It was a situation of concern, but BNK had to learn how to survive without Kim Han-byeol.

BNK succeeded in taking a leap forward last season based on a clear top 5 team. Hye-ji Ahn, So-hee Lee, Um-ji Han, Han-byeol Kim, and Jin-an showed their presence and led the team to second place in the first regular league since its founding. However, the beginning of this season is going through a thorny path. They did not even achieve a .500 win rate in the first round (2 wins, 3 losses).

Kim Han-byeol, one of the starting players, is shaking after leaving the team due to knee and ankle injuries. Kim Han-byul plans to sit out until at least the second round.

BNK coach Park Jeong-eun said, “There is an advantage when (Kim Han-byeol) is present, and even when Kim Han-byeol is not there, there is an advantage in being able to play basketball with speed and spacing.” He said.

Contrary to Coach Park's expectations, BNK relies on Ahn Hye-ji, Lee So-hee, and Jin An. Han Umji is performing poorly, and rookie Kim Jong-un's growth is also slow. The bench was also weakened by the transfer of Kim Si-on (Hana One Q). The vacancy left by Kim Si-on, who filled the gap between guard and forward, is also large.

However, Director Park is looking further ahead. Hanbyeol Kim was born in 1986, so she is quite old. It is unclear how many more seasons he will be able to play in the WKBL in the future. Director Park must prepare for BNK when Kim Han-byeol is absent.

This is why Coach Park said, “I hope the young players will adapt well as this is basketball that will have to be played in the future when (Kim) Hanbyeol is not around.”
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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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