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KT left-hander bullpen Jo Hyun-woo retires from active duty Requ

KT Wiz pitcher Cho Hyun-woo.

Cho Hyun-woo (29), the left-hander who won the KT Wiz's first championship since its founding, has decided to retire from active duty.

KT announced in a press release on the 28th that it would exclude a total of 13 players, including Jo Hyun-woo, from the pending player list.

Among these, Jo Hyun-woo decided to retire from active duty. Jo Hyun-woo played an active role as the team's sure-to-win team in 2020-2021. In particular, he pitched 31 innings in 49 games in 2021, recording an ERA of 2.61, contributing to KT's first comprehensive win since its founding.

However, as injuries continued after the 2022 season, he was rarely able to stand on the mound and only played in 5 games this season.

Ultimately, after the season ended, he requested his release from the team and decided to retire at an early age.

In addition to Cho Hyun-woo, pitchers Kim Seong-hoon, Park Sun-woo, Seo Gyeong-chan, Lee Jeong-hoon, and Jo Byeong-wook, catchers Moon Sang-in and Jung Woo-sung, infielders Kim Byeong-hee, Sang-ho Lee, and Ji Kang-hyuk, and outfielders Park Jun-hyuk and Lee Si-won were released.

Lee Sang-ho, who had made a new home at KT after being released from the LG Twins at the end of last season, experienced the pain of being released again after a year.

Lee Si-won, who moved from the Hanwha Eagles through a trade, also failed to avoid the knife of release.

Infielder Kim Byung-hee announced his retirement immediately after finishing the season.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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