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"modified local rules"

The Associated Press has obtained a copy of the memo, which also outlines progress on LIV Golf's dealings with Saudi sponsors.

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan (left) and Tiger Woods. AFP FILE PHOTO
The governing body has set a deadline for Aug. 15 to receive feedback on the offer, which will give the biggest hitters on the tour the option of asking for golf balls about 15 yards shorter. If adopted, it will not take effect until 2026.

"As you know, we've spent the last two years conducting a comprehensive analysis of PGA Tour distance and its impact," Monaghan wrote. "There has been some support for limiting future increases, but there is a broad and important belief that the proposed modification local rules are not guaranteed and are not in the best interests of the game."

Monaghan said the PGA Tour notified USGA and R&A after a recent player advisory committee meeting.

"While the PGA Tour is committed to working with them and with all industry partners to reach the best solution for players, fans and games at all levels, we cannot support MLR as suggested," he said.

Such a rule would have brought two sets of rules to golf for the first time.

It also had the potential to pay millions of dollars in deposits to elite athletes. Some manufacturers have opposed the idea of investing in new golf balls that are unlikely to be sold to the general public who do not need to use shorter balls.

The USGA refrained from responding to the PGA Tour decision because feedback from all golf sectors is staying in the "Notice & Comment" period until August 15.

"The PGA Tour is an important stakeholder, and we appreciate the feedback they have contributed to this conversation," the USGA said in a statement Wednesday night.

The tour decision was not a big surprise. The USGA met the players at Memorial two months ago and meeting officials said the proposed rollback did not go well. "Tension is high," Patrick Cantlay said at the Memorial meeting.

The decision to propose a rollback stems from the "Distance Insight Project" announced in 2020 that has offered an average of about 30 yards of revenue for PGA Tour players over the past 25 years. USGA CEO Mike Hwan Says Doing Nothing Is "Borderline Irresponsible"
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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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