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All ground casino facilities in Quebec have been closed

In addition, bingo and kinzo offers at bars have also been suspended. However, with the recent improvement in health indicators in the province, local governments have allowed the restart of game facilities throughout.

Casino Montreal will be able to accommodate guests for the first time since late December 2021. The game facilities are open daily from 9am to 1am, this time you do not need to make a reservation before going to the accommodation.

Loto-Queébec informed us that the venue will continue to operate with several health and safety protocols. For example, by March 13, 2022, guests are required to present vaccine evidence at the behest of the Quebec government. Casinos also operate 50% of their total capacity by March 13, 2022, and both of these regulations will be lifted.

Employees are still being laid off, Union says
However, there are some worrying reports that Casino Montreal will reopen without summoning many employees. According to CUPE union leader-Pierre Frulex, the property will resume with hundreds of hidden layoffs, in violation of ongoing collective agreements. This situation was criticized by Cruyffers who asked for government interference.

The union leader says wages were paid to employees until July 21, 2020, when the unprecedented outbreak began, but has since been fired. He said the royal family is reopening without summoning all personnel and could return once the quota restrictions are lifted. That's why the union demanded that hundreds of employees would be out of work unless the Crown Agency recalls all of them on March 14.

farewell to a restaurant
In April 2021, Casino Montreal announced that it would be closing one of its restaurant facilities for good, and it was the Latelier de Joel Roboshon restaurant. The venue was closed before Crown Agency terminated its contract with Group Robochon in March 2020. The restaurant has been replaced by Aza's Asian dining area, which has expanded to an empty space.

I'm considering a new payment
This week, Jean-Francois Bergeron, president and CEO of Crown Corporation, spoke at a virtual presentation at the Quebec City Chamber of Commerce (QCCCI). There he shared that the company is considering cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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