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"The place that the seniors made, it shouldn't be anyone..."

Noh Si-hwan won the RBI king and the home run king at the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Awards held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul at 2 p.m. on the 27th.

After winning the award, he said, "I am grateful to the elementary, middle, and high school teachers who allowed me to come here. And I was able to be here thanks to my colleagues who were with me this season. It is also thanks to director Choi Won-ho and Hanwha officials. And my parents had a hard time raising me. Thank you and I love you. "I can be here because of the love of Hanwha fans," he said.

Roh Sihwan, who debuted in 2019. In his first professional year, he hit only one homer with a batting average of 1.86 in 91 games, but he hit a batting average of 2212 in 106 games the following year. He hit a double-digit home run for the first time in his second year. In the 2021 season, he showed a clear growth with a batting average of 271 and 18 home runs in 107 games.

In the 2022 season, the number of home runs decreased to six, but he steadily gained experience with a batting average of 281 in 115 games, and finally beat Choi Jung, a leading hitter of SSG Landers, a strong home run and RBI competitor this year, to become the two-time winner.

This year's batting average was .388 (153 hits in 514 at-bats) with 31 home runs, 101 RBIs, 85 runs scored, 74 walks, 118 strikeouts and an on-base percentage of .541 OPS.He played 929. Although he missed 13 games due to his call-up to the Hangzhou Asian Games, he ranked second in walks, long hits, and OPS, seventh in runs, eighth in hits, 10th in on-base percentage, and 15th in batting average.

Roh Si-hwan mentioned Choi. He said, "I was able to hit like this because I competed with Choi Jung. Thank you," he said. Although Choi Jeong was unable to attend the award ceremony due to personal reasons, he said, "Roh Si-hwan was able to win three times, but I was able to keep the slugging percentage award because I was injured." I'm sorry to Noh Si-hwan. Next year, I will make sure that I can attend the awards ceremony with a proud score," he said.

In other words, Noh Si-hwan has to compete hard to become the home run king next year. The opposition team and pitchers will also be more in check. On this point, he said, "Of course I'm thinking about checks. There were a lot of checks this year as well. It's something I have to overcome of course. I'm not afraid. Whatever pitcher throws any good ball, I'll keep it well with the thoughts and mindset I can have at my plate. Then I will be able to hit enough home runs next year," he said confidently.

His experience in international competitions is making him stronger. Noh Si-hwan played at the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, the 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC). He played the fourth batter for the national team.

Regarding his role as the fourth hitter in the international competition, Noh said, "There should be no pressure. "I will make more efforts to become the fourth batter of the national team," he vowed. Then, after the awards ceremony, he met with reporters and said, "The seniors have led Korean baseball in this way. The fourth batter's seat is the same, he said. "I think we need to prepare well so that we don't become anyone in the place that the seniors have made." Lee Dae-ho and Kim Tae-kyun gave a lot of advice. I'm always grateful," he said.

As a Hanwha center hitter, he can be relieved to some extent of the burden of taking responsibility for long hits. This is because Hanwha recruited Ahn Chi-hong, an FA. With An Chi-hong joining, Noh Si-hwan said, "The batting line has become a little stronger." I think it's going to be hard to throw,' he said. I should do well next year, but I think I've become stronger with a good senior coming," he said.

Hanwha recruited veteran infielder An Chi-hong, and Lotte chose 1 billion won in compensation instead of a compensation player. Hanwha has strengthened its power by recruiting the league's leading infielder with a batting average of 292 with eight home runs and 63 RBIs for 1 billion won.

Roh is looking forward to next season more. There is also enlightenment. This is also due to the home run competition with Choi Jung. Roh Si-hwan said, "I'm really happy and good to have a competitor," adding, "If there were no competitors, I would have been a little relieved." However, it was stimulated by competing with Choi Jung for a home run. There was a lot to see and learn. Thanks to this, I was able to get here. So I want to say thank you to Choi Jeong, he repeatedly said.
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Monday, November 27, 2023

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