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'The 5th Rookie Cup Basketball Tournament with West Jin' held on

Basketball magazine Rookie is holding a basketball tournament in December.

Rookie will hold the '5th Rookie Cup Basketball Tournament with West Jin' on the 3rd of next month at the Jungwon Youth Training Center Gymnasium located in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do.

This tournament will be held in the middle school division, and a total of 8 teams will participate, including the International Basketball Class, Incheon Samsung, Baskium, and Songpa SK. The competition format is divided into two groups of four teams, and after going through the group preliminaries, the final winner is decided through the semifinals and finals.

As in the last 4 editions, the title sponsor of this competition was West Jin Bakery Co., Ltd. and hosted/hosted by Rookie. Sponsored by 2NT Bugs, Stuff, Molten, Aim Sports, AGS, and Smashing Sports.

In addition to the trophy and certificate, the winning team will be awarded a functional t-shirt as a prize, and the runner-up team will be awarded a trophy, certificate, and 8 Aim Sports socks.

The MVP of the tournament will receive a trophy and certificate as well as various awards, and in addition, one player from the team that lost in the preliminary game will be selected as the MIP and given Aim Sports socks.

In addition, delicious breads such as alligator and pie chestnut manju provided by West Jean Bakery, the title sponsor of the competition, will be provided.
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Monday, November 27, 2023

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