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Coach Han Gyu-hyun, Who Raised The Strongest Middle School Junio

There is a basketball team that has unified the world of middle school men's basketball by winning as many as 6 crowns in 2023. This is Samseon Middle School.

Samseon Middle School won the championship by beating Whimoon Middle School with a score of 76-59 in the South Central division final of the '53rd Fall National Men's and Women's Middle and High School Basketball Federation Haenam Tournament' held in Haenam last month. It was the moment when Samseon Middle School won all of the competitions it participated in this year and achieved the great feat of winning 6 gold medals.

The only loss that Samseon Middle School suffered all year was the 49-69 loss to Myeongji Middle School on the third day of the tournament. The good news was that ace Yoon Ji-hoon was selected to the youth national team and played mainly as a sophomore. Samseonjung overcame the hardships and eventually won the championship cup.

When I visited Samseon Middle School, I already saw six basketball team championship banners in front of the main gate. It was a force more powerful than ten words. It was a result that showed why Samseon Middle School is the strongest South Central basketball team in Korea.

Just looking at the faces of the alumni is impressive. There are so many players from the national team, including SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol, Woo Ji-won, Yang Dong-geun, Ham Ji-hoon, Lee Jae-do, Jang Jae-seok, and Jeon Jun-beom, that it is difficult to list them all.

Relatively recent graduates such as Lee Won-seok (Samsung), Yang Jae-min (Sendai), Shin Seung-min (Korea Gas Corporation), Lee Jun-hee (DB), Jeong Ho-young (Managing Director), and Seon Sang-hyuk (SK) graduated from prestigious universities and grew into professional players. . In particular, in the 2021 KBL draft, classmates from Samseon Middle School, such as Lee Won-seok (1st place), Seon Sang-hyuk (6th place), Jeong Ho-young (7th place), and Shin Seung-min (8th place), dominated the top picks.

On the wall of the Samseon Middle School basketball club building, they could see their names exactly as they had been written when they were middle school students. The boys who had many dreams have grown up and are now the generation responsible for Korean basketball. 

What is the secret to Samseon Middle School maintaining its position as the best in the country for a long time? Since it is a prestigious team in Seoul, the first thing is to gather many talented players. Second, it is thanks to the consistent guidance of Coach Han Kyuhyun, who took office in 2005. A coach who has been teaching players at Samseonjung for 19 years puts the most emphasis on basics. Samseon Middle School players with solid fundamentals are improving their level well even after entering high school and college. This is why there are many players who make it to the highest level, the pros.

Coach Han Gyu-hyun said, “Immediate grades are important, but the primary goal is to coach players to become better players when they move on to higher schools. He commented, “Athletes who went on to become pros have been sincere since middle school and have an extraordinary desire to exercise.”

Seniors who went on to play professionally visit their alma mater and watch their juniors, rejuvenating their initial passion for catching a basketball. On Teacher's Day last year, many students, including Lee Jae-do, Lee Won-seok, and Yang Jae-min, visited their alma mater to encourage their juniors.

Coach Han Gyu-hyun said, “The names that Yang Jae-min and other students wrote on the wall when they were in middle school still remain. When juniors look at the names of their seniors, they feel, ‘I want to be like that older brother.’ Writing names on the wall has been a tradition. “I feel rewarded when my students go pro and come to visit my school,” he said with a happy smile.
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Monday, November 27, 2023

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