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“The man who refused 571.4 billion won to break up with Kim Ha-s

“Trade is possible before the winter meeting ends.”

There is a growing possibility that Juan Soto (25), who turned down $440 million (approximately 571.4 billion won) and transferred to the San Diego Padres, will leave the team this winter. There were reports that general manager AJ Preller wanted to keep Soto until next year's trade deadline, but the trend is this offseason. Considering the reality of San Diego wanting a pay cut and the principles of supply and demand, the prevailing view is that it makes sense to proceed with the trade now.

Even MLB Network John Paul Morosi said on on the 23rd (Korean time), “Soto’s market is solid. “There are teams that think a trade is not only possible, but quite possible before the Winter Meetings end.” The winter meeting will be held early next month. It is a stage where major league team officials gather to discuss current issues and conduct various sales. A stage where free agency and trade negotiations can occur naturally.

This means that the Soto trade could be completed during the winter meeting period. “This is only a one-year scenario, and you may have ways to reduce his value on the market, but we are still talking about one of the best batsmen,” Morosi said.

The nuance is that there may be discussion not just about the Soto trade but also about long-term contracts. Anyway, Soto is a free agent in a year. The team that acquires Soto through a trade must also decide its position on whether to give Soto a long-term contract.

In that respect, the team that took the lead in the Soto trade war was the New York Yankees. For the Yankees, who have had a massively underperforming batting lineup this year and especially need to strengthen their left-handed power hitter, Soto is the perfect fit. However, the San Francisco Giants also participated in the Soto trade.

“The two main teams to watch in a Soto trade are the Yankees and San Francisco,” Morosi said. “These are two teams linked to another left-handed outfielder, Cody Bellinger (28).” This offseason, the two teams are engaged in a recruiting battle for many free agents. Representative examples include Bellinger and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25). We encountered another problem in the Soto trade.

Morosi still focused on the Yankees rather than San Francisco. He said, “With the Yankees being surprisingly short on strength in their left-handed lineup this year, you have to believe they will be there before the Soto trade in the same way they did with Cerbelinger.”

Furthermore, the outcome of the recruitment battle for Soto and Bellinger should be watched with interest as it could have an impact on the future of Lee Jung-hoo (25). Lee Jeong-hoo is considered the top alternative for the tw
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Friday, November 24, 2023
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