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A fresh one-point defeat, another summit called out Kookmin Bank

It is an unforgettable defeat. That much emphasis was placed on revenge. He exclaimed his confidence in the face of opponents who compete for the top spot almost every season. Cheongju Kookmin Bank pledged to win the second round match against Woori Bank, which suffered a painful loss in the first round.

Kookmin Bank won 71-64 in the away game against Bucheon Hana One Q in the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 women's professional basketball game held at Bucheon Indoor Stadium on the 23rd. Kookmin Bank, which has played a tight game schedule until today, will take three days off and face Woori Bank at home on the 27th.

Kookmin Bank manager Kim Wan-su said, “It was a difficult journey for 10 days. He helped the players stay focused even though it was going to be difficult. “We will rest for about three days, and I hope the players can recharge well,” he said, expressing his feelings about defeating Hana One Q.

And then I immediately looked at the next game. It has to be that way. This is because they suffered a painful loss to Woori Bank on the 15th. At that time, Kookmin Bank lost 71-72 after hitting a buzzer beater in the fourth quarter. In fact, he knelt in a game where victory in the first round was at stake.

Coach Kim recalled that time and said, “It was a game we would have liked to have won,” and added, “We will somehow find a way to win the next match. Our players will want to win more than me. “Tactics and defense are important, but the mindset of our players will also be strong,” he said.

Additionally, when asked, ‘What did you say to the players at the time?’, they responded, “They said it was just a disappointing game and a winnable game. It was unfortunate that there were many turnovers. There were 19. “Every time we got into a good mood, there was a turnover,” he said, adding, “We also talked about the situation where Jisoo posts up. “I talked to the players about how to enter the trap and we will also train,” he said, revealing his plans for revenge.

The players’ feelings were not different from Coach Kim’s. Park Ji-soo said, “It’s always going to be a rivalry. It's been like that ever since I joined the pros. It's only one match and he's putting so much pressure on himself. Even if you don't try to be conscious of it, your body is conscious of it. “It happens mentally,” he said, starting with the special meaning of the Woori Bank match.

He continued, “It can’t be helped. can not avoid. Because it means that both teams are strong. I want to show my best performance. Because there is so much attention, I want to come into the game in better condition. He gave himself a task, saying, “I will increase my field goal percentage and I will not get caught in traps like last time.”

Guard Heo Ye-eun, competing in the backcourt, had in her mind a match-up with her idol, Park Hye-jin. He said, “When it comes to Woori Bank, it’s Hyejin. “Hyejin is that kind of player,” she said. “She is a player I have watched since I was young and she is a very big player to me. She always wonders how to stop it and how to break through it. “He will fight again, and I have nothing to lose, so I will be confident,” she said, predicting a great match.

Like the first round, there is a high probability that it will be a game where the winner of the second round is at stake. If Kookmin Bank wins, Woori Bank will also suffer one loss. Conversely, if Woori Bank wins again, Kookmin Bank will lose twice. Since it is a first-place match and a preview of the championship game, it is bound to attract a lot of attention, and it is a famous match between the two teams.
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Friday, November 24, 2023

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