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"The video was filmed with agreement" vs. "

The case of national soccer player Hwang Ui-jo (31, Norwich City), who is accused of illegal filming, seems to be expanding into a truth battle.

Daehwan Law Firm, Hwang Ui-jo's legal representative, said on the 20th, "Hwang Ui-jo has been suffering from continuous threats since May 7, 2023," and added, "The blackmailer illegally leaked videos of Hwang Ui-jo and his past lover, and later, a person who was not sure if they were the same person. “There was indiscriminate distribution and demands for money,” he claimed.

He continued, “The video contains images of a woman who dated Hwang Ui-jo in the past, but what is clear is that it was a consensual video between lovers at the time,” and emphasized, “Hwang Ui-jo does not currently possess the video and has never leaked it.”

In addition, “The video in question was contained in Hwang Ui-jo’s personal cell phone, which was lost (presumed stolen) in Greece in November 2022, and is about Hwang Ui-jo’s extremely intimate private life.” “It is not only a video, but also a private conversation that Hwang Ui-jo had with acquaintances. He raised his voice, saying, “The so-called ‘killing of Hwang Ui-jo’ is being carried out in a very malicious manner, including being used for intimidation.”

The legal representative said, “This case originally started with Hwang Ui-jo as a victim of a video leak. “This fact remains the same even now,” he said. “Hwang Ui-jo feels deep regret and responsibility for his past lover who was harmed by this incident. “He pledges to cooperate faithfully with the investigative agency’s investigation in the future,” he said.

As soon as Hwang Ui-jo's official statement came out, the victim's side immediately protested. In a statement on the 21st, the victim's legal representative, Lee Eun-eui (Lee Eun-eui Law Firm's representative attorney), said, "Although the victim briefly dated Hwang Ui-jo in the past, she never consented to the filming of sensitive videos and requested their deletion." refuted.

Attorney Lee said, “It was difficult for the victim to be angry at Hwang or report it due to fear of leaks,” and “Immediately after the video was illegally distributed, I thought that a distributor with a conscience toward Hwang Ui-jo might distribute additional videos.” “I was so anxious that I couldn’t sleep properly,” he explained.

The victim's side also revealed that Hwang Ui-jo contacted them a few months ago and asked them to sue the person who spread the information. Attorney Lee said, “Around the end of June, player Hwang Ui-jo contacted the victim and asked her to file a complaint together to catch the person who spread it quickly.” “I formally filed a complaint with the police,” he said.

Prior to this, the Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced on the 18th that Hwang Ui-jo, who is suspected of illegally filming a sexual partner, was converted to suspect status and summoned for questioning.

Last June, when a woman claimed to be Hwang Ui-jo's ex-lover and posted a post and video exposing her private life on social networking services (SNS), Hwang Ui-jo filed a complaint with the police in November, claiming that the claims were false. there is.

During the investigation, the police transferred the case to the Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and discovered the circumstances of the illegal filming and converted Hwang Ui-jo to the status of a suspect. The police are continuing their investigation, believing that the person who distributed the video and photos on social media and Hwang Ui-jo's blackmailer are the same person.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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