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Incheon Haewon Middle School wins SK Telecom Middle Star League

Incheon Haewon Middle School wins SK Telecom Middle Star League 2023 for the first time

Haewon Middle School in Incheon held the SK Telecom Middle Star League 2023 trophy. It's my first school win.

Incheon United reported on the 16th that the "SK Telecom Middle Star League 2023," a soccer tournament for pure amateur middle school students in Incheon sponsored by SK Telecom and hosted by Incheon United, ended its grand finale for about six months after the final on November 12.

Hae Won-joong took the trophy for this tournament. Haewon Middle School won the final match against Buwon Middle School at Incheon Football Stadium on the 12th thanks to defender Park Shin-hoo's winning goal just before the end of the second half. As a result, Haewon Middle School won the trophy in its first finals of the Middle Star League and received the right to participate in overseas soccer training. Coach Cho Young-min of Haewon Middle School received the Coach Award, and captain Lee Jae-won, who led Haewon Middle School, won the Most Valuable Player Award. Buwon Middle School, which advanced to the final of the tournament for the first time with Haewon Middle School, finished second with a good performance. Mi Song-joong and Ieumjung tied for third place, and the scoring award was taken by An Jong-hyun (9 goals) of Bupyeong Middle School.

"I learned about the Middle Star League for the first time last year when I came to Incheon from another region and participated in the competition," said Cho Young-min, a teacher at Haewon Middle School. "My goal was to pass only the group qualifying round this year, but I didn't know I would win like this." I think I won the championship thanks to the students who played as players rather than my role as a coach," he said, giving credit to the players. He also said, "There is no competition like this in other regions. I would like to thank the Incheon United club that hosted such a great competition and the Haewon Middle School family for their silent support.

Haewon Middle School's captain Lee Jae-won, who won the MVP award after winning several MVP awards from the group qualifying round, said, "I was eliminated from the preliminary round last year and worried a lot this year, but I was able to prepare well because the coaches guided me well," adding, "As a captain, I wrote to my friends, thank you for following me well, and thank you to all of my friends, parents, and teachers who came to support me." I couldn't go on a school trip or a retreat because of COVID-19, but I made fun memories with my friends through these fun and meaningful competitions. Also, I'm very happy to win and go on an overseas training trip," he said.

Meanwhile, the Middle Star League, which marks its 20th anniversary this year, is the Incheon club's historic regional close-up activity project that began to expand the soccer base of youth in Incheon and create a healthy youth culture with soccer. This year, 49 middle schools in Incheon participated and made precious memories.
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Thursday, November 16, 2023

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