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Tokyo Dome Ground After 14 Years of 'From Coach to Coach'

The 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (ABPC) national team, led by head coach Ryu, conducted its final training session at Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 15th.

The APBC national team was called up on the 5th and trained in Daegu before moving to Tokyo on the 14th.

"I was a player during the Super Games in 1994 and a coach during the World Baseball Classic in 2006 and 2009," Ryu said. This is the first tournament as a coach.

Coach Ryu, who watched the Tokyo Dome, said, "It's the same as then." However, there was a part where I could feel the traces of time. The white cloth on the ceiling of Tokyo Dome was getting darker little by little as time passed. "It's really darker," Ryu said.

The faded ceiling of Tokyo Dome is expected to be a factor that will make it easier for players to adapt. If it's too white, it's hard to distinguish the ball. The players said, "The ball is still more visible than the Gocheok Dome." In particular, Kim Hwi-jip, Kim Hye-sung, and Kim Dong-heon, who use Gocheok as their home, said, "Although it is a little different from Gocheok, there is no problem in adapting."

One of the adaptation issues is that the ball goes out faster than other places. Catcher Son Sung-bin said, "Not only the batting speed, but also the players' throwing speed was different. Usually, the ball that you think will come with a bounce came in alive," he said with a tongue-in-cheek.

Meanwhile, Korea will play its first match against Australia on the 16th. After finishing the training on the 15th, Ryu said, "I trained for a week in Korea and I am in good condition. "I did the final training, and I will do my best from the match against Australia," he said.

Moon Dong-ju will be the starting pitcher for the match against Australia. Ryu said, "I'm in the best condition. I hope you throw well as you throw well at the Asian Games. "The main weapon is the fastball and the big curve of falling," he explained.

Moon Dong-ju said, "I prepared well from Korea. He's in good condition. I had a good memory at the Asian Games, so I will play with good energy," he said.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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