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Yggdrasil partners with Jokerstar

Following the deal with omnichannel supplier of games and machines, Reflex Gaming, on Monday, the leading worldwide publisher of online gambling content Yggdrasil has partnered with German operator Jokerstar. The new partnership will make the prominent supplier’s content available in Germany to mark its increased footprint in the gaming market.

Under the agreement, Ygdrasil's slot games will be available to Jokerstar customers, who will now have the opportunity to play games created through the YG Masters program.

Unique dynamics:

Jokerstar's customers can take advantage of slot games in a broad vendor portfolio led by Yggdrasil's renowned exclusive Game Engineering Mechanics (GEM). The integrated mechanism provides a unique player experience for each win, demonstrating a great chance of winning. For example, the GEM DuoMax feature can increase its potential by converting a single multiplier into two separate multipliers, providing compensation options.

Increased German presence:

Ygdrasil's enviable collection of slots and other impeccable features have been invested in a partnership with Jokerstar to meet the expectations of the operator's platform visitors. At the same time, the partnership expects the popularity of Ygdrasil's domestic slot library, as well as an increase in popular suppliers in the regulated German market.

Premium Content:

The deal expects the two brands to grow together. Ygdrasil was founded in 2013 to develop into a leading game content provider to date. Jokerstar is a brand of Kling Automaten GmbH, a third-generation family-run casino operator with 165 Joker Casino arcades across Germany. The brand launched its online casino in September this year, focusing on providing premium content from major global suppliers to customers. Therefore, the partnership with Gygdrilla seemed a natural choice.

High ambition:

Andrew Pegler, chief commercial operations officer at Ygdrasil, said: "We are excited to work with such a powerful brand in Germany to provide our popular content to even more local players. Jokerstar has been a leading entertainment company in the German retail sector for many years and we are excited to contribute to their online expansion."

Nico Muller, project manager and business developer at Jokerstar, said. "We have high ambitions for new online casinos and we will be able to work with well-established vendors like Ygdrasil to provide our customers with a proven portfolio of titles," Muller added. "With a wide range of mechanisms, features and themes, it will be popular with players and will further solidify ourselves as a competitive and exciting online operator in German casinos."
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Wednesday, November 15, 2023
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Sunday, January 21, 2024

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