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More Women Buy A Match Tickets

October 13 against Tunisia. 59% for women and 41% for men. 59,018 people entered

October 17 against Vietnam. 54% for women and 46% for men. 41,000 seats sold out

November 16 against Singapore. 65% for women and 35% for men. 66,000 seats sold out

The figures indicate that the Korea Football Association has recently classified the purchase of tickets for the national soccer team three times by gender if gender is not distinguished, it is divided into male and female. It may be somewhat different from the gender of the actual spectators, but anyway, you can feel the 女 that is strengthening in the Korean soccer world. It is expected that there will be many women in the Singapore match.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 7th that 66,000 seats were sold out against Singapore Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 16th. It has been only a day since the reservation began. The match against Singapore is the first group match of the second qualifying round in Asia for the 2026 North and Central American World Cup. The weight of the game is considerable, but the opponent is rather weak. Tunisia and Vietnam are not very popular with Korean fans. However, many fans gathered like stars at Seoul World Cup Stadium and Suwon World Cup Stadium.

Why are there so many fans when they face relatively weak players. It is difficult to grasp the reason quantitatively. However, it is realistic to find out the cause based on the messages and experiences of football officials.

First of all, it is analyzed that the desire to see Son Heung-min Tottenham, Lee Kang-in Paris Saint-Germain, and Kim Min-jae Bayern Munich participate together was greatly influenced. The three are playing for world-renowned clubs. The play that the three play together is an attractive scene that can only be seen in A matches. An official from the Korea Football Association said, "Fans see these three as the 'three captains of Korean soccer,'" adding, "Regardless of the team they are against, they want to play together." "Not only them, but also other overseas players are in good condition," another official said. "The gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games also contributed to raising the heat."

Another factor is the shower goal from the last two A matches. South Korea defeated Tunisia 4-0 and Vietnam 6-0. Lee Kang-in scored three goals, and Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae, Hwang Hee-chan Wolverhampton, Jung Woo-young Stuttgart, and Hwang Ui-jo Norwich City scored one goal each. A goal is bound to call the crowd with a victory. Jurgen Klinsman, who was criticized for his poor performance and controversy over working overseas, reversed negative public opinion with a cool winning streak, also contributed to the success of the A-match.

Looking at the A match crowd these days, the number of young people in their 20s has increased significantly. More than 70 percent seem to be in their 20s. If you take selfies in uniforms against the backdrop of the ground, you can feel the taste of young people who enjoy being in the stadium itself. It is also notable that the number of female fans has increased a lot. Professional soccer also attracts a lot of women. An official from the professional soccer team analyzed, "Women tend to immerse themselves in players rather than teams compared to men." Another official said, "In the past, there was a tendency to look away from the K League compared to European soccer such as England and Spain," adding, "Now, it feels like a real fan culture has spread to Korea to support local teams and their favorite players by visiting their local stadiums."

Cloud spectators gathered in the match against relatively weak players in Korea in the final match of the second qualifying round of the German World Cup held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on November 17, 2014. At that time, if South Korea lost, it was a crisis that it could not advance to the World Cup finals as it failed to advance to the final qualifying round. 62,000 people gathered to cheer for Korea, and Kim Doo-hyun and Lee Dong-guk scored consecutive goals to win 2-0.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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